Panty Anarchy
“My name is Panty, the crazy sexy blondie, and I'm not dumb. I'm breaking the news, now boys! Us girls, we're full-time horny too!”
Universe Gainax
Debut Panty and Stocking with Gaterbelt
Appears in Smash Bros. Lawl with Garterbelt
Friends Frollo
Stocking (Younger Sister)
Old Gregg (for his creamy Bailey's)
Lydia Prower
Roy (boyfriend)
Steven Star
Enemies Amy Rose
Stocking (sometime)
Scanty & Kneesocks
Nightmare Bubbyaustin
Nightmare Panty
Android 18 (Rejected)
Golden Darkness
The Darkness
Tsukune Aono
Jon Watson
Hentai Woody
Richer Blazela
Lawl Team Team with Garterbelt

 This page is for a character that is from other lawl series, for the original duo that is done by Chincherrinas see Panty & Stocking.


Neutral B - Backlace

Panty pulls out her trademark pantied pistol. Holding B allows her to charge, and releasing B fires. Moving the joystick in any direction makes her fire in whatever direction you wanna shoot.

Side B - Motorbike

Like Stocking's Side Special, Panty takes a ride on her motorbike. Once B is pressed, she rides forward in the facing direction, and pressing A or B makes her do a caryuken jump. The bike can also ride up walls (but can't caryuken) and ram over opponents.

Up B - Cosmos Pole

Panty uses a stripper pole, nicknamed "The Cosmos Pole", to reach greater heights. When Up B is pressed, you will immediately begins climbing, and will jump off when A or B is pressed, or when she makes it to the top. You can also switch your direction of the jumps by pressing Z while climbing.

Down B - Random Pole Dance

Panty start randomly starts pole dancing to stun her target. This attack only works at close range. When close a opponents they are stun for 5 or 8 second. Only for male challengers (and maybe some Female due to jealous).

Final Smash - One Final Shot!

Panty fires a powerful shot from her Backlace in front of her. During this time, any characters in your line of sight will flinch. A second later, the bullet is released, dealing significant damage and likely KO'ing the struck characters. The move goes through walls, and when used, the match will pause as the camera does a slow-motion close-up of each hit character in order and cause the opponent realistically blows up.

Character Description

Panty is often portrayed as a celebrity blonde and is always looking for different men to sleep with. She has low standards in men and is occasionally shown to be unsatisfied after the act. Unlike her sister Stocking, Panty doesn't take her job as a ghost-hunter seriously. Instead, she focuses on fulfilling her personal goal of sleeping with one thousand men during her stay on Earth. Panty is often considered to be the personification of the deadly sin, Lust. Which is emphasized on the number of times she has had sex throughout the series, and by the X-ray of her brain during the opening sequence, which shows her only thoughts are about both: men and sex. Panty is also quite shameless, not caring when some broadcasters were able to see (and record) her panty-less, and even going as far as pole dancing in front of an audience, while on a live show. Panty jogs to maintain her figure, and is annoyed that Stocking doesn't have to do this. She also claims her smaller chest size is more sensitive and responsive than Stocking's bigger breasts. Panty likes spicy food in general, and mentions disliking sugar. Her favorite snack is Death Babanero-flavored potato chips and has shown a great fondness in living a celebrity lifestyle.

Whenever Panty hunts ghosts, she works in a non-precautious way. She often takes the more reckless route, using pure power to finish the job. However, this style of fighting has caused her to be wide open for attacks, including losing her panties in the heat of the moment and forcing her to improvise with either, using normal weapons or other underwear.


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