Paper SSBL Profile
Universe JacknJellify
Debut Inanimate Insanity
Appears in Smash Bros Superior Inanimate Smackdown
Friends Lydia Prower(her favourite II character)
Pen(partner in Project XP Zone)
Pinkie Pie
Sweetie Belle
Wakko Warner
Shadow the Hedgehog
Knife(until Episode 2)
Amy Rose
Steven Star(possibly)
Multi HMX-12
Urotsuki(sis in Team SV33 X Team Prower)
Foamy the Squirrel
Enemies Flippy(Fliqpy)
Scanty & Kneesocks
Knife(since Episode 2)
Lawl Team Team Superior and Team Inanimate Smackdown


Violent Random Murder

Paper jumps in similar to the same method which he popped Balloon

Special Attacks

Inanimate Smackdown

Neutral B - Waterproof Bag

Paper uses his good old waterproof bag. The special attack for this is a misnomer though since it can deflect projectiles and stays for 5 seconds. Also, it's not immune to melee attacks.

Side B - Evil Paper

Paper turns evil and does a basic counterattack. Anyone who touches you in this brief 2-seconds state will instead have damage inflicted on them.

Up B - Fishing Pole

Paper gets out a fishing pole and casts upward. It can be used to latch onto edges and pull yourself up and snatch opponents and pull them towards you like an upward version of Scorpion's Bloody Spear from Mortal Kombat.

Down B - Quicker Method

Paper somehow sets something down that plows anyone walking over it into the ground.

Final Smash - 88 of 'Em!

A piano will drop on a random opponent. Every character has a unique reaction before getting hit by the piano.

Lawl Superior

Neutral B - Waterproof Bag

Side B - Sneeze

Up B - Fishing Pole

Down B - Orange Juice

Final Smash - Evil Paper


Up: "I'm going to kill somebody!"

Sd: "You freaking idiot!"

Dn: "Anything's possible!"

Victory Options+Failure/Clap

1. "That doesn't concern you since you're going to die!"

2. "Hasta la vista! I win!"

3. "Underestimated us, huh?"

Failure/Clap: ???

Character Description

Paper started out on Inanimate Insanity as an innocent yet somewhat immature character. Being the first contestant to be eliminated in A Lemony Lesson, Paper was not seen much throughout a majority of the series. He appears to be slight friends with Knife, who shares a liking in Desperate Housewives, but then later was the reason Paper was eliminated. As seen in A New Stage In The Game, Paper developed anger issues, as he began screaming and yelling, wanting to get out of Idiotic Island. Once he rejoined in Double Digit Desert, he has shown to have become crazy and psychotic, as he killed Balloon, keeping his promises. Paper's evil side appears whenever someone mentions or somehow reminds him of "Idiotic Island", as revealed in Inanimate Smackdown, though in the same episode, he defeated his evil self and reverted back to his original characterization. Paper also appears in regulardude45's Inanimate Smackdown.


  • regulardude45 may have made his moveset, but he is in both Team Superior and Team Inanimate Smackdown.
    • The reason why he is still in Team Superior is because he is LydiaPrower8's favourite Inanimate Insanity character.
Inanimate Smackdown Character Moveset - Paper-1

Inanimate Smackdown Character Moveset - Paper-1

Paper's Moveset

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