Paul Animates Lawl!


Moving Target

Paul Jumps Out a Tank Piloted By Patryk, The Tank Then Explodes.


Neutral B - Gunned Down

Paul Shoots His Gun, Dealing Minimal Damage. Can Be Spammed. Paul Can Also Walk While Firing By Holding B.

Side B - Cloudberg

A Small Cloudberg Flies Away From Paul, Anything In It's Way Takes High Damage

Up B - Aerial Assault

Paul Uses a Parachute Similar To Mr. Game and Watch's. However He Goes A Noticable Amount Higher, However He Can't Attack.

Down B - Electricity Overuse

A Meter Appears In Front of Paul, Before Going Into The Red And Exploding, Stunning Opponents Hit By It.

Final Smash - Zombeh Nation

Patryk Comes Flies On Stage In a Helicopter, Dropping Toxic Waste Onto Te Stage, Summoning Zombehs. The Zombehs Will Attack Everyone Except Paul, Who Is Invincible. Paul is Stuck In his Neutral B, Without Being Able To Move. Yanov Will Sometimes Rush Throgh The Stage, Firing Chain Guns. The Smash Lasts 20 Seconds.

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