Perfect Cell
"You fool! Don't you realize yet you're up against the perfect weapon?!"
Universe Shonen Jump
Debut Dragon Ball Z
Appears in Super Lawl
Friends Frieza


Enemies John
Teen Gohan


Lawl Team Team Super Lawl


Neutral B: Super Kamehameha

Like many variants, the fundamentals for this technique are no different from a regular Kamehameha. The only defining trait with the Super Kamehameha is the greater ki generation, which, interestingly in itself, is enough to generate light from the energy source while the attack is being prepared. (40%)

Side B: Rapid Fire

A clone of Piccolo's Side B, Cell charges energy spheres in his hands and fire them one after another, inflicting a great deal of damage. (15%)

Up B: Instant Transmission


Down B: Perfect Combination

Cell charges at the opponent and kicks them up in the air. Then, he flies after the opponent and attacks them with a powerful punching and kicking barrage before slapping them away (12%). Finally, Cell teleports above the opponent and elbows them in their back, knocking them down into the ground and inflicting a high amount of damage. (20%)

Final Smash: Solar Kamehameha

Perfect Cell stores up a huge amount of energy as he prepares a Super Kamehameha. He then brings his hands forward and fires a blast that has enough power to wipe out the entire Solar System (150%).

Alternative Final Smash: Shoop Da Whoop

Perfect Cell eats a senzu bean, after that he spits out android 18, after that he turns back into Semi Perfect Cell and is firin his lazer to the opponent. (200%)

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ko1 ahh

ko2 dam

kostar NOOOOOO

koscreen uh


Up Taunt: "It is all in here"

Side Taunt: "Ur mad?"

Down Taunt: "Yeah, maybe so?"


Opinion 1:see you later fools

Opinion 2:laughing



Option 4(against Teen Gohan): YOU'RE A CHILD!!!

Lose Cell Destroyed

Character Desscription

Cell is composed of cells from Goku, Piccolo, Vegeta, Frieza, King Cold, and according to the manga title page, a number of other lifeforms (in the FUNimation dub, it is also stated that he has cells from Krillin, Gohan, Nappa, and Tien Shinhan). He also possesses information on Nappa, Raditz, Gohan, Tien Shinhan, Chiaotzu, Krillin, Yamcha, and Future Trunks that is collected by Dr. Gero's remote tracking device and stocked in the Super Computer. Cell is therefore able to use their attacks (ex. Kamehameha, Regeneration etc.). His genetic composition is very much a part of his character. It is also implied that, when using these attacks, he often changes his genetic code so he can match the genetic source of his attacks, as when he is going to fire the Kamehameha at Piccolo, Gohan and Vegeta sense Goku in the distance, with the former being near Goku at the time. In his Imperfect Form, he is clever, calculating and single-minded about achieving his Perfect Form. In his Semi-Perfect Form, he is a little more arrogant. In his Perfect and Super Perfect forms, he is extremely arrogant; he becomes very smug and he believes that every other living creature is inferior to him, and is shown to be very polite unless he loses his temper. Upon meeting Piccolo for the first time in Gingertown, Cell tells Piccolo that the computer programmed some genetic traits to be more dominant than others. He bears a strong resemblance to Frieza in all of his forms, such as his tail and the talon-like feet of his first form, and his face while in his perfect form. He can also revert back a few stages at will if necessary, as evidenced when Cell reverts back from his Imperfect form to his Larval form in order to use Trunks' Time Machine.

Cell is designed to have the ability to absorb any biological mass by stabbing his victims with his tail. This process, called "bio-extraction," drains all the organic mass out of the target from the inside out. This attack increases Cell's power, the exact amount depending on the victim's power level. Cell is also designed to absorb Dr. Gero's other androids (Android 17 and Android 18) whole, integrating them into his systems. Each time he absorbs an android, he evolves into a more powerful being, however he cannot absorb completely mechanical Androids such as Android 16. Upon assimilating both Android 17 and Android 18, he gains the ability to asexually reproduce, creating blue, child versions of himself, called "Cell Juniors"

He is also able to change his voice to one of his other forms at will, as Perfect Cell uses his Imperfect form's voice during his announcement of the Cell Games in "The Doomsday Broadcast" when explaining that he is the "creature from Nicky Town". He is also able to manipulate his voice, changing it to someone he absorbed. This is demonstrated when Semi-Perfect Cell changes his voice to 17's to try to convince 18 to merge with the bio-android.

Other Attacks


Classic Mode


Role in Subspace Emisary

Satan City




  • Although Cell comes from an alternate timeline, he is not referred to as "Future Cell", due to the fact that the main timeline's Cell never makes a significant appearance (only one brief appearance in his larval state before getting blown up by Krillin and Future Trunks).
  • His previos form Semi Perfect Cell is the orign if Shoop Da Whoop.
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