Young Pete & Older Pete Wrigley
Universe Nickelodeon
Debut The Adventures of Pete and Pete
Appears in Smash Bros. Lawl Galaxy
Friends Nostalgia Critic
Drake & Josh
Artie, Strongest Man in the World!
Kenan & Kel
Ami & Yumi
Enemies Endless Mike
The Darkness
Lawl Team Team Galaxy


Young Pete: Lawnmower U-Turn

Pete drives a lawnmower to the battlefield, and then attempts to make a U-turn, but inexplicably causes it to combust.

Older Pete: Marching Band

Pete marches alongside his high school marching band and then stops at the battlefield to fight.

Special Attacks

Young Pete

Neutral B - KrebStar 3000

Pete gets out the guitar he's used to help him find Polaris in Hard Day's Pete. A simple push of B activates a sonic blast of the mighty e-chord (9-12%). Tap B repeatedly to do the whammy bar (4% per second). Hold B to do the riff (29%). Since Best Hercules is like Artie, he can be stunned by the riff. Like in Hard Day's Pete, all traps+items burn at the sound of it, turning into small flame traps vulnerable to water.

Side B - Trash Talking

Pete starts talking trash like in Field of Pete. Tapping B does a single word that doesn't do much. Charging it, however, goes like Hitler's angry rants. Though, this mainly goes like Stinkmeaner's Nigga moments, where the trash talking is sent as a sound wave. The higher the charge, the longer and wider the soundwave. In the air, this can make Pete go up a bit. You can also hold the charge like Samus with her arm cannon shots. Also, anyone hit by a soundwave will have 50% of their normal defense for 10 seconds.

Up B - High Dive

Pete climbs up a ladder and gets on a diving board like in Splashdown. Like Bill Nye's gravity experiment, Pete goes up on a structure and a landing circle appears that can only move horizontally. Pressing A will have Pete dive down with equivalent effects as Patrick's cannonball. Hold A to charge the dive for a higher launch. To get Pete off manually, attack either the ladder or Pete. In the air, Pete stops in midair on a dime. Since he's on a diving board for 8 seconds. Hold A to charge (time to full charge: 3 seconds).

Down B - Time Travel

Pete bikes into a time vortex to the background and Pete enters to fight for Pete. There's bizarrely a 1/5 chance that he'll slow time down for as long as a timer in Brawl (as in the item, not how long a bout lasts).

Older Pete

Neutral B - Orange Lazyrus

Pete gets out one of the most lethally cold slushies ever to be written in the confines of the fiction from Field of Pete. Since it's at a lethally cold temperature, the chances of a brain freeze are a 42%. A hit in the face reverses horizontal control for 45 seconds. There's also a 1/4 chance it's a slip trap upon hitting the ground. If it's frozen, the traction you'd get on it will be less than normal. Be careful, Pete can slip over them as well.

Side B - Lawnmower

Pete gets out a lawnmower like in the short Route 34. While it's out, he can only move forward with no jumps at a slow pace (75% of the normal walking speed). It's basically like a slowed down version of random chariot, except you can press A to stop and blow up someone in front of you using psychic energy. Also, you, as said before, can control your movement. Of course, press B to put the mower away.

Up B - Artie

The strongest man in the world appears like Ogre, Mark, Mikuru, Gunshë, etc. Press A in front to have him chuck Pete upwards. He will grab opponents approaching past him and throw them like a bowling ball. He'll stay for 20 seconds, but he can come back after 5. If the air, he'll just chuck Pete upwards, and he works like a meteor smash being the strongest man in the world.

Down B - Endless Mike's Car

Pete takes Endless Mike's Car and drives to the background, switching over to Pete.

Final Smash - Hey Sandy

Pete will jump out of the background and join with Pete. After that, Polaris appears and plays the theme song to the show. The tune waves stun opponents. Some of the characters will also make appearances. Pete will walk around using his lawnmower, which has the same effects it did before the use of the final smash. Pete will drive a lawnmover to the battlefield and then do a U-turn, which does some moderate knockback upon direct contact. The U-turn causes him to fall out and slide on the ground in a fashion similar to Piplup, except he can make everyone trip over. Their mother and then does a twirl, which deals the same damage and knockback as Starfy's spin attack when he's summoned. If any projectile attacks hit her, her plate deflects them. Their father then appears and a bike flies out from the left side of the screen, dealing as much damage as Best Hercules does when he crashes in his recycle chariot. Ellen then appears waving a pair of flags, which will do moderate damage and knockback. Artie then appears and dives down, which puts a grip on the opponent. Nona then appears and starts dancing like a madman, dealing damage to anyone who makes direct contact with her. At the near end, a submarine appears and knocks everybody off the screen. This only works on land.


Young Pete

KOSFX1: "Hey!"

KOSFX2: "Oh, man!"

Star KOSFX: *screams in pain*

Screen KOSFX: "Ow!"

Older Pete

KOSFX1: "What do you say!?"

KOSFX2: "Neither..."

Star KOSFX: *screams*

Screen KOSFX: "No!"


Young Pete

Up: "It's a doggy dog world, baby!"

Sd: *makes a face*

Dn: "One lousy note!"

Older Pete

Up: "I figured that even if I got a job eating eyeballs, it would be better than the last job I had."

Sd: *makes a face*

Dn: "You mind if I get off before then?"

Victory Options+Failure/Clap

1. *both exit stage left*

2. (Young Pete wins) Older Pete: "Nice job, Pete!"

3. (OIder Pete wins) Ellen: "I'll just walk with you the rest of the way, then."

Failure/Clap: At the bench

Standard Attacks


Snake Codec


Character Description


Classic Mode


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