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The handsome Pink Sheep with the well trimmed moustache

Pink Sheep is a character in ExplodingTNT's videos who made his debut in "If Herobrine took a shower" Today, Pink Sheep is a major character in ExplodingTNT.

Entrance: Parachute

Pink Sheep enters with a parachute

Neuteral B Book

Pink Sheep throws a book at the foe winch might deal 12% if close enough. If the opponent pics up the book they have to do something or else they will dream naked sheep for the rest of their life. If they do what the book tells them to it will dissapear

Side B: Disguise

Pink Sheep disguises as a cactus wich is impossible. If people run into him they will receive 10 damage. Pink Sheep can't move. Cancels after someone takes 20 damage.

Up B: Black Jump

Pink sheep briefly turns black and jumps. Not much to say.

Down B: Mixtape

Pink Sheep places his mixtape and a radio that he got everyone for Christmas in "If Pink Sheep was Santa Claus" The opponents listen to hit until they get hit. Pin Sheep can nay use 2 of these per stock.

=Final Smash 1: WHALE CENA

"A cutscene plays" Pink Sheep will say to a whale that he needs to take a bathe but then the whale will make noises after the third noise Pink Sheep hits the whale so hard it goes flying across Lost Island then onto the stage and mash an opponent and they will take 126%. It will also make a John Cena noise and then deal with it shades go on the whale. The whale then dies. if Pink Sheep gets the Smash Ball for a second time in the same stock, the attack will deal 20% less damage.

Final Smash 2: No one can survive without grass

Used on stages without grass, Pink Sheep says the statement above then says he has located grass. He then proceeds to eat a green TNT block then he tens from a pink sheep into a TNT sheep. He then makes a big explosion in the center of the stage that does 75% this will KO pink sheep but it won't affect his points or lives. Best used when Pink Sheep has lots of damage so that he can have 0 damage on him

KOs and Taunts

KO Sound 1: Makes the noise from Herobrine vs. Pink Sheep.

KO Sound 2: Oh my god it is an alien everybody run for their lives.

Star KO: Error. Error. Error. Pink Sheep Malfunction

Screen KO: Shut Up

Up Taunt: Sorry, I don't like horses (if near someone they will briefly turn into a horse)

Side Tant: I only eat fingers because they are a great source of protein

Down Taunt: I Smell Deadbush

Victories and losage

Victory theme: The same Pink Sheep song from ExplodingTNT's recent Pink Sheep videos.

Option 1: Walks off the stage saying "Look I wasn't kissing the skeleton ok.

Option 2: yo lololol git gud scrub

Option 3: (Only against ExplodingTNT) Why am I even talking to you would rather talk to an elephant!

Option 4: (Only against DanTDM) I am your heaviest fan looks like all that KFC was worth it.

Option 5: (Only against Pink opponents) 2:31

Losage: Looks down and shakes his head


  • This was Moltern Kirby's first moveset on the wiki so it might not be that good.