Universe Altus
Debut Disgaea: Hour of Darkness(2006)
Appears in Elite Warrior Battle Royale
Friends Etna (kind of...)
Enemies ???
Lawl Team Team Elite

Special Moves

Neutral B – Prinny Bomb

Prinny will reach into his pouch and pull out a large bomb, the fuse will ignite and the bomb will throb. failure to throw this will result in Prinny being hurt when it explodes (Much like Link's Bomb attack).

Side B – Prinny Dance

Prinny will spin and sparkle blue when B is released he will take off running in the direction he was facing (This attack works a lot like Jigglypuff's roll out). however if B is held down for too long Prinny will stop spinning and will be dizzy this will leave him open for attack! Prinny can also slide by pressing down while running.

Up B - Prinny Barrage

Prinny will pop up and yell out: "I can do it!" while he is air born tap B to toss sword beams in the direction your facing. the faster you tap B, the more sword beams will be thrown. when the beams hit something they erupt (much like Ness' PK Fire)

Down B - Hip Pound Dood

Prinny will jump into the air and crash to the ground spinning (Works as a hybrid of Bowser Bomb and Link's Sword Spin attacks). Landing directly on top of a foe (sweet spot) will result in more damage and grounding the foe.

Final Smash – Prinny Raid

Demon lord Etna will step out from behind Prinny and cross her arms and shout "You Slacker!" "Prinny Played and Prinny Parade and Prinny RAID!" A pink halo will scan the Prinny's body and he will take off into the sky. Etna will yawn and lay down. Several Prinnies will come crashing down and explode randomly as they fall. the last Prinny to fall will be the player. the Prinny will be covered in ash and he will cough once before shaking the ash off and the final smash ends as Etna teleports away.



Victories/Lose Pose


Other Attacks


Character Description

A Prinny (プリニー Purinī), romanized as "Plini" (from the original term "Plinian Squad") in the The World of Disgaea artbook, resembles a small, usually blue, pouch-wearing penguin with disproportionately small bat wings and two peg legs where feet would normally be. When thrown, it explodes on impact. A common trait of the Prinnies is their upbeat attitude, lazy and unintelligent personalities, their signature ballet-like spin, and frequent use of the word "dood" (as an interjection - they constantly end their sentences with "-ssu", a diminutive slang form of "desu" used by 'punk teenagers' in the Japanese dialogue).

Prinnies use machetes as their primary weapons, and occasionally bombs in team attacks. They can also summon a gigantic energy beam known as the "Pringer Beam". They keep their arsenal of weapons and various other items in their pouches.

While rarely mentioned in-game, Prinnies have been known to dispense a beverage known as "Prinny Juice". While few know what this fluid actually contains, most summarise that it is literal "Prinny Juice", given Etna's cruel nature.

Classic Mode


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