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Universe Ubisoft
Debut Rayman: Raving Rabbids
Appears in Mawl(Formally)
Smash Bros Lawl EX
Super Smash Bros Royal Destruction PLX
Friends Gannon X
Mabel Pines
Mike and Sulley
Bugs Bunny
Ami & Yumi
Bully Stopper
Lydia Prower
Enemies Yin & Yang
Rumble Mcskimrish
Rayman (During Raving Rabbid Hours)
Knick the Snowman
Tai Lung
Lawl Team Mawl
Royal Destruction PLX

bwa bwaa bwah bwaa waa ba bwa bwa bwa. baah! ba bwwaa bwaaa bwa bwa bwa.


Around the World

Jumps out of an yellow flying submarine thingy.

Bunnies Rarely Leave Their Burrows

The Rabbid burrows out of the ground with a loud "BWAAAHHH!"

Time Washing Machine

A washing machine teleports out of thin air, then ejects a rabbid into the battlefield.

Special Attacks

Neutral B -Starfish Launch

Throws a starfish at his/her opponent, making him/her not move.


Screams at his/her opponent, making their clothes puff up and pop.

Up B -Mine

A mine blows up and this lagomorph will go up.

Down B -Burrow Teleport

Digs to his/her next spot.

Final Smash -Calling All Bunnies

The Rabbid pulls out a megaphone and screams into it. The scream causes other Rabbids to flood the area and attack enemies. These Rabbids are invulnerable, and will disappear after a short time.

Tonygameman's Ideas

Neutral B -Megaphone

The Rabbid pulls a yellow megaphone from somewhere and yells BWAAAAAAAH! into it. The small shock wave produced around the Rabbid causes minor damage but is actually a reflection move. Any projectiles or incoming attackers will be turned the opposite direction, similar to the way Mario's cape or Pit's mirror works.

Side B -Plunger Throw

The Rabbid hurls the plunger, attached to a string. The plunger sticks to whatever it hits first, either a wall, item, or a player. If it hits a wall, the Rabbid can use it as a grapple recovery or just hang out. If it hits an item, the plunger immediately retracts and the Rabbid holds or obtains the item. If the plunger hits a player, the player begins their animation as if they were grabbed. Then several things can happen. If the Rabbid presses the A button, the plunger retracts and they can pummel or toss their opponent. Or the Rabbid can move the control stick away and drag the player around the stage, useful for pulling an enemy into a mine bomb, pitfall, or other trap. Lastly, the Rabbid can rotate the control stick, turning whoever is attached to the plunger into a living battering ram! The amount of time a person will stay stuck to the plunger depends on his or her damage.

Up B -Airplane

Cardboard wings suddenly appear on the Rabbid's arms and it takes off with a burst of noxious expulsion. On the ground, the initial takeoff does good damage and knocks enemies back, the player then directs the Rabbid freely by moving the control stick. The Rabbid can fly for a good length of time, even in a circle. The color of the Rabbid's propulsion changes depending on whether the player is first, second, third, fourth, or a computer.

Down B -Rabbid Counter

The Rabbid shrugs, as if doing one of his taunts, but it's actually a counter move. If an object or opponent strikes, the Rabbid dodges back, hops up with a laugh, and slams the plunger down with both hands. An enemy hit with this move takes double the damage of the attack used and hits the floor, momentarily stunned.

Final Smash -Raving Rabbids

When the Rabbid uses his Final Smash, the screen zooms in and he chatters rapidly as he waves to someone off screen. The screen zooms out, and suddenly four to eight Rabbids drop onto center stage. The Rabbids will grab whoever is closest as the players run and continue to fight. The Rabbids are relentless and will run and jump around the stage for the full duration of the Final Smash. Once a Rabbid grabs someone, that person can no longer jump and becomes heavier than if they wore a metal suit. It doesn't matter if a person is grabbed by one Rabbid or all of them, they will suffer the same effects. When the Final Smash ends, the Rabbids burrow away. If a player with Rabbids on them drops of the stage or is KO'ed, the Rabbids will not come back until the next time the player Rabbid uses the Final Smash.

Jaybird55's ideas

Neutral B -Plunger throw

The Rabbid yells "Bwaahh!" and throws a plunger in a single direction (can be angled). if the plunger hits a wall, it becomes a platform for 5 seconds before falling off. if the plunger hits an enemy, it will land on their face and they will be immobilized. the enemy will grab the plunger and must mash the control stick to get it off.

Side B -Shopping Cart

Another Rabbid will appear with a shopping cart, and the Rabbid will jump in the cart. the cart will charge forward, knocking back anyone in their way. they can turn around, and press B again, and the cart will stop, and the Rabbid riding the cart will fly out and damage enemies, then land. the cart will disappear after.

Up B -Kick the Rabbid

The Rabbid will squat down, shaking its rear end. Another Rabbid will appear and kick the first Rabbid. the direction can be angled with the joystick.

Down B -BWAAHHH!!!

The rabbid will yell "BWAAHH!!!", knocking back anyone who is in its hitbox. it has short range, but this move can disable helpful effects, make enemies drop their items, and even disable stored charges!

Final Smash -Bunnies don't know what to do with cows

A cow on a chain will appear in front of the rabbid in a puff of smoke, and the rabbid will swing the cow around and an arrow will appear. you have 5 seconds to decide which way the cow is thrown. after the 5 seconds is up, the rabbid will throw the cow, destroying anyone in the cow's way. this move can KO at 50% or higher if thrown directly at the fighter.


KOSFX1: Hey!

KOSFX2: Bwaah!


Screen KOSFX: Thac!


Up: Laughs.

Sd: Eats carrots.

Dn: Yawns.

Tonygameman's ideas

Up: The Rabbid shrugs and grunts.

Sd: The Rabbid points and laughs to the left or right.

Dn: The Rabbid faces the screen and screams BWAAAAAAH with a fully open mouth and rolling red eyes.

Victory Options+Failure/Clap

Victory 1: 10 Rabbid kids are jumping up and down.

Victory 2: Dances in a pepper suit.

Victory 3: Laughs.

Victory 4 (against Rayman): Laughs at him.

Victory 5 (against Bugs Bunny): Throws a plunger at him.

Lose/Clap: Claps slowly.

Classic Mode Win/Lose Pose

Win Pose:

Lose Pose:

Congratulations/Game Over Pictures

Character Description

Other Attacks

Ground Attacks

Basic Attacks

  • AAA Combo- Whacks rapidly with the plunger and hits itself with the recoil (only in the animation, the Rabbid doesn't actually take damage), creating a comic cloud of dust and stars that obscures everyone's vision.
  • Dash Attack- Rides a shopping cart.

Tilt Attacks

  • Side- Lunges as though about to run but instead quickly flicks its toilet paper roll forwards.
  • Up- Holds the plunger horizontally with both hands and hops upwards.
  • Down- Acts as if it's about to charge a smash but instead stabs the plunger at the floor, tripping anyone it touches.


  • Side- Grabs the plunger in both hands and holds it over its head as it charges power. When released, the Rabbid swings so hard that it spins in a quick circle. The strongest part of the attack is when the plunger first comes down, but anyone caught in the spin receives some damage.
  • Up- Charges with the plunger held in both hands just like its other smashes, but when its power is released, it swings its arms and the plunger upwards as if doing a jumping jack. Anyone coming from above or too close is shot upwards.
  • Down- Grabs the plunger in both hands and holds it over its head as it charges power, just like its forward smash. When the power is released though, the Rabbid raises one arm and head-bangs several times depending on the length of the charge, hitting anyone to the front and back. The strongest part of this move is actually when the Rabbid's arm goes up, hitting anyone coming from behind.


  • N-Air - Screams and spins in a quick circle with the plunger extended.
  • F-Air - Quickly swings its roll of toilet paper. The roll itself deals the most damage, while the paper trailing from the Rabbid deals only minor damage. If someone attacks the roll, the roll smacks into the Rabbid for minor damage and shoots it backwards. Anyone hit by the flying Rabbid takes minor damage and rockets in a random direction.
  • B-Air - As the Rabbid jumps through the air, it suddenly swings the plunger back between its legs. If someone is hit by the sweet spot of the swing, they rocket downward. If they hit the sweet spot at the plunger head, they rocket to the side.
  • U-Air - Kicks its legs below and holds the plunger vertically for as long as the A button is pressed, or until it touches ground again.
  • D-Air - Tucks in its limbs and falls fast. If it hits the ground before breaking off the attack, it gets grounded as if it fell into a pitfall, but anyone caught under it is grounded too. Those beside the landing zone are unharmed.

Grabs, Throws

  • Grab- Grabs with the hand not holding the plunger. When someone is grabbed, the Rabbid sits on their head/shoulders. The grabbed person can move around some with the Rabbid riding and pummeling them but they can't attack or jump.
  • Pummel- Screams and smacks the target on the head with the plunger.
  • Forward- Falls to the side and uses the plunger like a golf club to smack the enemy away.
  • Back- Bounces once, knocking the enemy down, then quickly bounces several more times. The enemy shoots away backwards.
  • Up- Slams the plunger onto the person's face and hurls them skyward with a cheer.
  • Down- Bounces once, knocking the enemy down, then smacks them randomly with the plunger several times before knocking them away.


  • Ledge attack: ???
  • 100% ledge attack: ???
  • Front attack: ???
  • Back Attack: ???
  • Trip attack: When the Rabbid is knocked down, it swings its toilet paper in a circle and flails to recover.


A plunger.

Victory Music


Kirby Hat

Rabbid ears.

Wiimote Sound


Classic Mode


A carrot.

Snake Codec


Role In SSE


Related Music

Credits Music


Colors & Costumes

  • White
  • Brown
  • Grey
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Yellow

Home Stage

Rabbid Shopping Mall (from Rayman Raving Rabbids 2)

A quirky stage with many hazards. The basic layout is a flat stage with walk-offs on both sides and some solid and drop through platforms formed by mall signs and displays, with a shopping mall back drop. At random times, different Rabbids go by. Some fly by, like Super Rabbid, and can accidentally carry players off. Some Rabbids ride across the stage in shopping carts or on farm animals and can harm anyone who doesn't jump. Other Rabbids appear in the background and throw sodas, toilet paper, and other items at the stage, some of which can be grabbed and used by the players. Other Rabbids still are the bigger, meaner types that actually go after players until someone knocks them away. There are even Rabbids who wander slowly by who can be grabbed and chucked to attack opponents. Any of the Rabbids can alter the stage by destroying parts of the displays or even the floor or adding in new obstacles like a crashed rocket, a time washing machine, or floating cows. It's basically a stage where random is the keyword, but that's how Rabbids roll.



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