Red Bird
Red Bird.png
Universe Rovio
Debut Angry Birds
Appears in Unknown
Friends All of his Bird friends
Enemies The Pigs
King Pig
Lawl Team Unknown


Crashing Down

A couple of Piggies calmly continue construction on a hap-hazard structure when one begins to freak out. The others follow suit as a red blur crashes into them, causing a dust cloud to erupt and boards and piggies go flying. When the dust settles, Red is seen dusting himself off as he enters fighter stance. Like in the game, other birds will jump from behind the blast zone and place themselves behind Red.

Special Attacks

Smash Bros. Lawl: Smash Stars

Neutral B - Slingshot

A chargeable move. Holding "B" will cause a Slingshot to appear behind Red. The longer "B" is held, the further back the band is pulled with Red in it. Red will begin to grow angrier as the band is pulled back as well. When "B" is released, the slingshot will fling Red forward. Red will tuck himself into a ball of fury and yell as he is propelled forward. If Red collides with a foe he will deal DMG- If "B" is pressed again while Red is in mid flight, He will let out a cry that will produce a red shock wave that will deal slight DMG but bigger knock back. If "B" is held for too long, the slingshot will break and fly backwards at Red dealing him DMG and knock back. So don't overdo it m'kay?

DMG: 9% (Red) 4% (Cry)

Side B - The Blues

Pressing "Side" + "B" will cause the Blues to appear. They then fly forwards as a single projectile mid flight. If B is pressed again, the Blues will electrify and split into three, fanning out. As a single projectile they deal more DMG but move faster after they split up dealing DMG to foes and objects they come in contact with. They also bounce off surfaces!

DMG: 14% (Single Projectile) 5% (split projectile) 

Up B - Bubbles

 Pressing "Up" + "B" will cause Bubbles to appear by Red's feet, who quickly puffs up, springing Red into the air and bouncing foes away, dealing only slight DMG but dealing big knockback. The closer to Red, the bigger the knockback! Bubbles will then deflate and fly in a zigzag pattern. As he does, DMG will be dealt to foes he collides with. Red will act as if he were fired from the slingshot, curling up as he ascends. Eventually he will stop gaining height and become helpless until he lands on a platform.  

DMG: 4% (Bounce away) 6% (Bubbles deflating)

Down B - Matilda

Pressing "Down" + "B" will cause Matilda to jump forward and lay an egg. Of course, this is no cherished egg, rather a dangerous one, as it explodes. Wrapped in a pinkish aura, the egg will be popped out from Matilda, who gains more air from laying the egg and becomes her own projectile, spinning uncontrollably through the air, dealing DMG to those she collides with. Matilda will bounce off foes until she hits a platform where she deflates. That egg laying took a lot out of her. 

DMG: 13% (Egg bomb) 5% (Matilda)

Final Smash - Mighty Eagle

Red will look around as a shadowy figure swoops past the stage. Was it the Mighty Eagle!? Feathers swirl around Red. He has been granted the power of the Might Feathers! In this state, pressing "B" will cause Red to home in on the nearest opponent, slamming into them as if fired from the slingshot. Red will also gain a hover-like jump where holding "Jump" will cause the feathers to spin around Red, lifting him into the air. Anyone Red strikes while gifted with the Mighty Feathers will fly off the screen, and when the FS time is over, a short cutscene will play of anyone who was struck by Red looking dazed. Suddenly, a can of sardines lands in front of them. They come out of their daze looking at the can curiously, when all starts to go dark. The foes look up and freak out as the Mighty Eagle swoops down slamming itself into them, dealing big DMG and knockback. The cutscene ends as the foes go flying and Red's Mighty Feathers drift slowly to the ground and poof into nothingness. Red re-enters fighter stance.

DMG: 14% (Red's Mighty Feathers Attack) 45% (Mighty Eagle)

Super Bros. Super Lawl

Neutral B - Heroic Strike

Red takes out his sword and slashes to his opponent. The move can be charged up for a stronger attack. If fully charged, he will jump and brings his sword down, dealing huge damage.

Side B - Boomerang Bird

Red launches Hal that acts like a boomerang. Like Michael Jackson, he can pick up items, and traps. The longer you charge, the farther Hal will go. Also, the longer you charge, the more things he can pick up.

Up B - Slingshot

Red jumps into the slingshot, then launches Red. The player can change the direction and angle Red will launch at by simply moving up or down. The player can also change the firing speed. Pull Red back slightly to make a weak launch, and pull it back farther to make a stronger launch. Can also be used in the air.

Down B - Black Bird

Red launches Bomb, that after 10 seconds, he will explode that does massive damage and normal knockback. Like Electrode, Bomb will fail to attack, and sometimes he will do nothing.

Final Smash - Mighty Eagle

Red summons the Slingshot with sardines. When the player shoots the sardines from the Slingshot after a few seconds, Mighty will come roaring down from the skies and strike the ground with incredible force, KO all opponent. Any missed opponent will be instead damaged by a massive earthquake the Eagle causes. Also, Mighty has a unique ability, if you place the can of sardines in front of the platform, it will in turn cause him to hit the ground and spin out of control, which actually causes more damage.


KOSFX1: *squaks*



Screen KOSFX: Different 'Ow!'


Up:  Red will flip out in anger for a moment. (Think of Donald Duck's Tantrums)

Side: Red will slap himself, resting his hand over his eyes. Slowly he will drag his hand down his face looking rather annoyed. Shaking his head, he re-enters fighter stance.

Down: Red will look as if he just remembered something, reach into his feathers and pull out an egg. With a sigh of relief, he tucks the egg back into his feathers and re-enters fighter stance.

Victory Options+Failure/Clap

Victory 1:

Victory 2:

Victory 3:

Lose/Clap: Corpsed Red

Classic Mode Win/Lose Pose

Congratulations/Game Over Pictures

Character Description

Red Bird is the main protagonist in the Angry Birds series of games created by Rovio Entertainment. He is also the leader of the Flock. First introduced in 2009, the character is the primary bird used in marketing to promote the series. Red is a Desert Cardinal. Red is the first bird used in the game, and he has appeared as a playable character in every version and episode of the game released so far, though he is not necessarily in all levels. In the Fuji TV exclusive episode: Sakura Ninja, he appears dressed as a ninja. This was the first time he has appeared in costume in any game (this is technically not completely true, because in both golden eggs in Go Green, Get Lucky in Angry Birds Seasons, he wears a green leprachaun hat), and completely new game sprites were created for this episode. He can be considered the unofficial mascot of Rovio and the official mascot of Angry Birds.

Other Attacks

Ground Attacks

Basic Attacks

  • AAA Combo- Prince Porky: Prince Porky uses his Vicious Backstab attack.
  • Dash Attack- Yellow Bird: Chuck appears, Red grabs him  and Chuck dashes to his opponent.

Tilt Attacks

  • Side- Lightsaber
  • Up- Upwards Headbutt
  • Down- Spin Attack: Red spins himself to do multiple damage.


  • Side- Big Brother Bird: Terence comes and slams to his opponent.
  • Up- Orange Bird: Bubbles expands into a huge size bird, then after 2 seconds, he deflates.
  • Down- Ice Bird: Ice Bird explodes, freezing opponents who are close to Red.


  • N-Air - Yoda: Yoda takes out his lightsaber, and spins himself.
  • F-Air - Blue Bird: Jay, Jake and Jim splits into three and attacks the opponent.
  • B-Air - Merchant Bird: Red turns and Piggy Mc'Cool uses his Pick Pocket attack.
  • U-Air - Jar Jar Binks: Jar Jar Binks sticks his tounge upwards and throws his opponent.
  • D-Air - White Bird: Matilda shoots an egg bomb from her butt.

Grabs, Throws

  • Grab- Pink Bird: Stella traps the opponent with a bubble
  • Pummel- Stella slams down the trapped opponent.
  • Forward- Throws Forwards
  • Back- Throws Backwards
  • Up- Throws Upwards
  • Down- Throws Donwards


  • Ledge attack: ???
  • 100% ledge attack: ???
  • Front attack: ???
  • Back attack: ???
  • Trip attack: ???

Pros & Cons




The Bird's Eggs

Victory Music

Winning Theme - Angry Birds

Kirby Hat

A hat of Red, and beak.

Exclusive stickers





Wiimote Sound


Classic Mode


Palutena's Guidance

PIT: Sheesh! That's one angry bird!

VIRIDI: One of them at least.

PIT: Huh?

VIRIDI: Red is the leader of a flock of birds known as The Angry Birds.

PIT: Wait. Really?

PALUTENA: The Angry Birds get their namesake from their temper. Their temper goes off when anything, and I mean anything gets too close to their eggs.

VIRIDI: I think they're just misunderstood. I mean, wouldn't you be protective of your babies? 

PIT: Do angels have babies?

PALUTENA: Hmm... I never thought about that. In fact, do Goddesses have babies?

VIRIDI: Ugh! You know what I mean!

PALUTENA: The Angry Birds are no ordinary birds either. Each one has a special power. The Blues can travel together then split apart, widening their attack range.

VIRIDI: Bubbles can inflate himself, bouncing away foes.

PALUTENA: Matilda can lay eggs that explode.

PIT: Woah! What's Red's special power!?

PALUTENA: Well...Red. His, uh, his... Leadership. His leadership! 

PIT: ... Does that count?

VIRIDI: Red actually can create a sonic wave that can really knock you back.

PIT: Woah!

PALUTENA: Red can only perform that power after being shot from the slingshot. If you can dodge behind him before he hits or before he lets out his cry, you can attack him, adding his momentum from the slingshot to your attack and send him really flying!

VIRIDI: You know Pit, The Angry Birds have something in common with you.

PIT: Really? What is it?

VIRIDI: Neither of you can fly.


PALUTENA: Pit? are you okay?

PIT: Lady Palutena, these are my favorite Birds of all time!

VIRIDI: ...Well, that wasn't the reaction I was looking for.

Role In SSE



Colors & Costumes


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