Rex Salazar
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Universe Cartoon Network
Debut Generator Rex
Appears in Smash Bros. Lawl Galaxy
Friends Agent Six
Bobo HaHa
Dr. Holiday
Ishamie Tarker
Multi HMX-12
Ben Tennyson
Jenny/XJ-9 (possible GF)
Danny Phantom
Cesar Salazar (brother)
Yu Narukami
Steven Star
White Knight
Noah Nixon
Enemies Van Kleiss
Black Knight
BND Mask of Guo Xiang
Gary Bettman
Stephen Quire
The Darkness
Lawl Team Team Galaxy


Jump Jet

Rex lands onto the battlefield from a Providence jump jet.

Special Attacks

Neutral B - Slam Cannon

Rex forms the Slam Cannon. He is able to move around normally with the cannon formed, and he even uses it for higher single jumps (although they have startup delay). Upon pressing B, Rex collects some rubble to use as Slam Cannon ammo. An amount of rubble Rex collects is worth 3 shots. Rex can aim these shots like one would aim the Cracker Launcher and fires a shot upon pressing B. Alternatively, one can hold down B the whole time and have Rex shoot a more powerful chunk of rubble at the opposition. Although, even with the startup delay, you can't really aim it during this part. Any items that are collected in the maw retain their effects. When you're not using this to shoot people, you can press A to melee people away with this build. Press R to deconstruct the build.

Side B - Rex Ride

Rex forms his levitating motorcycle via his legs. In a way, it's like the Wario Bike, only you can turn better and Rex can't fall off it (especially since the motorcycle is part of his body). He manages to knock away opponents like one would accidentally running someone over, although it doesn't do much in terms of legit damage. Thus, you can press A while on the Rex Ride to get out its retractable battering ram, allowing for more damage and knocking opponents away. Otherwise, you can press A to have Bobo shoot down the opposition with his blasters. He auto-aims, so there's not much to be worried if you do or don't hit the closest target. Press R to deconstruct this build.

Up B - Boogie Pack

Rex forms his jet pack with dual turbine wings for recovery purposes. He is able to fly around at high speeds with this. He is capable of launching the twin turbines like a bola upon pressing B and shooting large grappling hooks upon pressing A (they only punch an opponent, but can grab items). Both are shot in the direction Rex's flight would be pointed in. Shooting the twin turbines instantaneously cancels the recovery while the large grappling hooks can be retracted. Something else worth noting would be that those who are behind Rex while he's recovering will likely be blown back by the turbines. The strength of which he/she would be blown back depends on the amount of damage he/she has (not that this does any damage). This lasts for 10 seconds, BTW, which is good since it's quite the nanite drainer.

Down B - Quick Recharge

Rex removes a glove and puts his hand to the ground as a way of recharging his nanites when his energy is at 0%. At best, this takes 40 seconds to reach 100% again, and Rex is obviously left vulnerable to attacks while doing this. It would mainly be best to use it for a bit, then let the Omega-1 do the rest, but you won't really have much fight in you. That and if Rex recharges for too long, he'll have a quick metal tumor bulge out, inflicting damage to himself.

Final Smash - Upgrade Suit

Ben Tennyson appears and becomes Upgrade, then merges with Rex to form his special Upgrade suit as seen in Ben 10/Generator Rex Heroes United. With this, his builds have an increase in power, making this similar to Wario-Man, except he has infinite power, so he has different special moves he can alternate to, but first, a rundown of what new things are added to his regular moveset:

Neutral B - Blast Launcher

Rather than rubble, Rex fires six powerful missiles with immense explosive power that could easily K.O. a single player like they did when bringing down Alpha-Omega.

Side B - Swift Rocket

Rex now travels 1.5x faster than Trejo's El Amor de Vida, only he manages to float over pits despite the difficult turning he's likely to have to endure. But hey, you don't need a retractable battering ram for this, now do you?

Up B - Hyper Jet

Rex travels twice as fast as he did before and fires powerful rockets that are capable of 1-minute stunnings when they hit some bloke.

Down B - Omega Builds

Rex does the thing previously mentioned.

Neutral B - Funchucks

Rex swings these giant nunchucks at the opposition and launches them forward. You can charge up this attack to extend the reach and even shock opponents.

Side B - Bad Axes

Rex spins around with the Bad Axes, dealing damage for as long as he would be moving. The axes don't do much in terms of knockback, but make up for it with the same amount of raw power they had when they sliced a Providence fighter jet in two.

Up B - Sky Slyder

Rex forms a hoverboard with his legs and travels at high speeds with it, obviously doing collision damage to opponents. You can fly for an infinite amount of time with this.

Down B - Upgrade Builds

Rex changes back to the upgraded builds.

This form lasts a good 30 seconds before Ben runs out of time and detaches from Rex.


KOSFX1: "Can't believe it!"

KOSFX2: "Unh!"

Star KOSFX: *screams*

Screen KOSFX: "Ouch!"


Up: "Trust me, you've never seen a guy like me before."

Sd: "Thrill me."

Dn: "The crazy train is coming to a stop!"

Victory Options+/Failure/Clap

1. "Well, you know me. A day without getting blown up is like a day without sunshine."

2. "And what else did we learn today? Anyone? To see things from the other person's point of view!"

3. *flies away via Boogie Pack*

Failure/Clap: Be a--unh! Zero...

Standard Attacks


Snake Codec


Character Description


Classic Mode





  • Generator Rex was inspired by the comic series M. Rex.
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