Universe Nintendo
Debut Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards
Appears in Smash Bros. Lawl Galaxy
Friends Kirby
Ms. Pac-Man
Waddle Doo
Bandana Dee
Toon Meta Knight
Cosmo the Seedrian
Prince Fluff (game-exclusive ally bro)
Enemies Zero-Two
Galacta Knight
The Darkness
Lawl Team Team Galaxy


Crystal Crash-Landing

Ribbon crashes into the battlefield terrain with the Great Crystal like in the first cutscene of the game before going to the level select screen.

Special Attacks

Neutral B - Amazing Mirror

Ribbon does this as part of a support special attack. The Kirby clones follow her like the pikmins and are needed to perform smash attacks. Pressing B when one isn't around drops one a line and summons it to the field of battle. Pressing B while one's out makes it perform Kirby's neutral special form the original Smash Bros. franchise. Unlike it, you can rapidly press B to do a more powerful absorb ability reaching twice as much. Each one of the trio can have a different copied neutral special. Instead of taunting to just dump the copy ability, a Kirby gets out a 4-point star polygon. Move the d-pad sideways to throw the power star, up to shoot it up like the ball and the Arkanoid paddle, and down to put it back in that Kirby's mouth. If the star hits anyone (w/o a copy ability), you'll get a power star combo of 2 neutral specials. This brings a variety of different combinations to perform, see if you can think of them all. The Kirbies can be KO'd like Nana. The more damage Ribbon has, the easier it is to KO a Kirby clone.

Side B - Adeleine

Ribbon summons her artsy friend. While she's out, she can do one of 2 things: 1. She paints a random item, excluding containers, asst. trophies, and party balls. After painting it, 1-4 times that item will appear from the canvas. 2. She paints an enemy from Kirby 64 which comes to life and sets off to attack opponents. The enemy paintings can be easily defeated like enemies out of SSE. Here are the enemies and their NPCs:


The weakest of them all. It just walks around and bumps into opponents.

Bronto Burt

It flies around and rams into opponents. Aerial assault and battery is the way to go to take one of these things down.


It runs around at Ike's dashing speed in SSBB Project M, ramming into opponents.


Like a Scarfy, it sits stationary when you look at it. Like the Weeping Angels from Doctor Who and SCP-173, it attacks you when you turn your back.

Ice Dragon

It just sits around shooting at you with its icy breath, which has the same effect as the Ice Climbers' blizzard. Occasionally it fires an ice cube which has the same effect as a Freezie and the Ice Climbers' ice shot.

Dark Matter

It flies around and shoots purple blobs at the opponents. In the end, it shoots all its orange bits in a spreadfire fashion.

To stop Adeleine's painting, a smash attack or two should do the trick. Any projectiles will be deflected by her paint palette.

Up B - Great Crystal

Ribbon gets out the Great Crystal and flies around with it. As you ascend, you slow down. As you descend, you speed up. If a Kirby is at her side, he grabs onto the other end of the Crystal. If you crash into any solid terrain, the Crystal breaks into pieces upon collision. The harder the impact, the more shards it breaks into. Each shard becomes damaging debris. The location of where you crashed makes a spike trap pile of shards. If you redo this, the shards come together and reform the Crystal.

Down B - Clone Caller

Ribbon calls for another Kirby clone. Unlike the last one (as it's been pointed out), it has either a normal copy ability or a different copied special attack. If you get hit while you call for another Kirby, the one that's already out either absorbs the thrown item/projectile and spits it back or does a Rising Break.

Final Smash - Ribbon+Crystal

Ribbon grabs the Kirby clone and the Kirby grabs the Great Crystal, thus using it as a gun. They then fly to the screen and a crosshair appears on screen. Pressing B shoots with the Crystal Gun, which does more-than average damage and knockback. Pressing A uses the Star Rod which does twice as much as it did in the original Smash Bros. as an item since it's being used alongside the Love-Love Stick. You can move Ribbon around with the analog stick in any direction and the crosshair with the c-stick. This lasts for 20 seconds.


KOSFX1: *hit sfx from the game*

KOSFX2: *chiu*

Star KOSFX: *game over tune*

Screen KOSFX: ...


Up: (w/ a Kirby clone) *high-5* (w/o a Kirby clone) *winks at the screen*

Sd: *eats a slice of cake*

Dn: *looks over the Great Crystal*

Victory Options+Failure/Clap

1. waves at the failure as her way of wishing them better luck next time

2. (also w/ any Kirby) *kisses whatever version of Kirby she fought with*

3. high-5's whatever version of Kirby she fought with

Failure/Clap: Game over

Standard Attacks


Snake Codec


Character Description

See this

Classic Mode


Role in SSE



Colors & Costumes


Victory Theme

SSBB - Kirby Victory Theme


Great Crystal


Ripple Star Kingdom


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