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"Life Has Many Doors, Ed-Boy"
"Life Has Many Doors, Ed-Boy"
Universe Cartoon Network
Debut Ed, Edd, n Eddy
Appears in Lawl Equinox
Friends Ed (Sometime)
Edd (Sometime)
Eddy (Sometime)
The Gnome Guardians
The Masked Pope
Goku (same voice actor)
Enemies Ed
Just Dancer
Jon Watson
Lawl Team Equinox


Hello Ed-Boys!

Rolf opens up a hole in the space-time continuum and says hello to the Ed boys who aren't there, likely.

Special Attacks

Neutral B - Helpful Bell

Rolf throws Eddy's bell. If it hits an opponent, it's only equipped like a Franklin Badge with no damage whatsoever. However, this cancels a special attack. If the opponent were to do this special attack, it would ring the bell, leading to Rolf charging forth like an oncoming train. And no, you can't avoid Rolf.


Rolf's goat charges forth at opponents. You can't hurt or stop him with anything that isn't a reflector, and he bounces off walls. Hold B when summoning him or press B when he's near you to ride him. You can control Victor's direction, but he won't stop moving. You can also jump with riding Victor or jump off of him.


Rolf hitches a ride on Wilfred and he jumps upward. You are capable of slightly altering the angle pre-flight.

Down B - Bartering Pole

Rolf slams down a bartering pole and awaits command input. Move to the side to smack the pole into the chosen side. Move up to launch yourself upwards from the pole. When near someone, the pole can pin them to the ground like Corrin's lance.

Final Smash - Hat of Discipline

Rolf puts on the hat of discipline as the opponent(s) stare in horror, rolf then yells: "DO YOU LIVE IN A CAVE!?", then proceeds to smash the opponent(s) stuck in the final smash with his hat of discipline. spamming b might increase damage.



KOSFX2: *screams*

Star KOSFX: "Mama! A bandage for Rolf!"

Screen KOSFX: *windows being wiped*


Up: *dances a jig while blowing into a bottle*

Sd: *Rubs a giant beet on his face* "The humble beet is the answer to all riddles."

Dn: *His shirt's over his head and howls*

Victory Options+Failure/Clap

1. "A celebration, I say!"

2. "Gather round Rolf as I cannot contain the Christmas mirth croning on my back hair."

3. "Come. Join Rolf with the tradition of eels of forgiveness."

Failure/Clap: Inner sadness

Standard Attacks


Rick & Morty Codec

Morty: "Aw man, Rick, this guy smells like shit. Can we not fight him?"

Rick: "Stop being a pussy, Morty. We signed a contract."

Morty: "Alright, fine. Let's get it over with. So, uh, what's up with Rolf?"

Rick: "This guy enjoys the farm life, Morty. He's been taking care of animals since he was little. He probably smells like shit because he's been working in the pigsty for too long"

Morty: "He's using a lot of animals in his fighting style, isn't he? There's pigs, goats, chickens--"


Rick: "Woah, what the hell? Who let you into the codec?"

Ed: "Rolf uses chickens like a snake uses a mine!"

Morty: "This guy talks weird, Rick."

Rick: "Yeah, his words have a real choppy feel to it as if someone's cutting out his lines from other things he's said in the past and stitching them together."

Morty: "Well, yeah, but what does a snake uses a mine even mean?"

Ed: "Someone hasn't played Brawl."

Character Description


Classic Mode



Pawlette Swaps


Victory Theme

Ed, Edd, n' Eddy Theme


Canada - Peach Creek Jr. High




  • Rolf is the first bonus character in Lawl What If!


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