Ruby (BFDI)
Universe Battle For Dream Island
Debut Battle For Dream Island Again
Appears in Inanimate Smackdown
Friends Pencil and Match
Ice Cube
Enemies Donut
Lawl Team Inanimate Smackdown

Special Moves

Neutral Special: Green/Yellow Button

Hold B to choose between the Green button and Yellow Button and release B to select.

Green Button: Places a land mine under an opponent. Press B to Explode the land mine.

Yellow Button: A cage falls onto an opponent for 5 seconds.

INSPIRATION CLIP: (1:31 - 1:53)

Side Special: Snowball

Ruby throws a snowball at an opponent. Once you throw it stronger, the opponent freezes for 5 seconds.

INSPRIRATION CLIP: (14:18 - 14:19)

Up Special: Tree Climbing

Ruby Climbs a tree and when she's on top of the tree, she drops an anvil on an opponent.

INSPIRATION CLIP: (2:49 - 2:56)

Down Special: Cry

Ruby begans to cry. You can move Ruby while she is crying (No Jumps). Her tears can damage opponents. Press B to cancel it.

INSPIRATION CLIP: (1:10 - 1:19)

Final Smash: Red Button

Ruby Presses the Red Button and a giant lazer fires at an/the opponent(s) shrinking them until they get KO'd. This Final Smash also works on 2/3 opponents.

INSPIRATION CLIP: (2:00 - 2:05)


Side Taunt: "Hey! Donut's Blood taste really good!"

Up Taunt:  (Starts to cry as usual)

Down Taunt: "Poopy Mayonnaise!"


Option 1:

Option 2:

Option 3:

Option 4 (Only with Book in Tag Team Mode): Both High-Fives at each other.

Lose to Gelatin: Gelatin: "Dont ever do that again" Ruby: "sorry..."

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