Sanic Hegehog
"Gotta go fast."
"Gotta go fast."
Universe MLG
Appears in Smash Bros. Lawl Galaxy
Smash Bros. Lawl Equinox

Smash Bros. Lawl stevediaz4567 edition
Friends RobertoftheNerds (he says he's faster than normal Sonic)
Toon Snake
Scratch Fox
Gal-O Sengen
Steven Universe
Baman and Piderman
John Cena
Enemies Sonic.exe
AoSTH Sonic
Sonic (X)
Classic Sonic
Sonic SatAM
SU Sonic
Sonichu V.1
Dr. Robotnik
Pinkie Pie
The Darkness
Lawl Team Team Galaxy
Team Equinox
Team stevediaz4567



Sanic is drawn into the battlefield at fast speed.

Special Attacks

Neutral B - Sanic Ball

Sanic becomes a Sanic Ball. In this form, you are more able to go fast. The more fasts you have, the more damage you deal to an opponent upon direct contact. Moving up will increase Sanic's bouncing and moving down will decrease Sanic's bouncing. While bouncing, you can ricochet off the walls to gain more fasts and do more damage to opponents. You are unable to control the fast you go at, so be cautious when using this move because you may gain too many fasts and become unable to stop from rolling off the stage.

Side B - Mega Buster

Sanic fires purple and green balls of energy from his hands. They do as much damage as MegaMan's neutral jab/side tilt/n-air and can be shot rapidly. However, they manage to pass through those who are hit by them. They only stop when they fly off the screen, whether there would be nothing in the way or a wall. Sanic is able to charge up a shot, which goes twice as fast and does twice as much damage to any scrub.


Sanic runs upward as his theme plays. You are able to aim him in one direction via analog stick, but he can't stop. Fortunately, he can stun opponents with his obnoxious theme and go past opponents. On land, opponents he speeds by will end up tripping over. In the air, they'll be shoved away or footstooled depending on the direction you're going fast in. Any healing items you pass by will instantly heal you, and traps are absorbed. If someone hits you, you'll shoot out the traps absorbed during the going of fast that lasts for a good 15 seconds.

Down B - Deep Into His Eyes

Sanic's eyes form into one solitary eye, which then become a vacuum. If you suck up an item or weak projectile, it becomes a ring, healing Sanic 1%. If you suck up a strong projectile, you can aim with the analog stick and shoot it back with B. If you suck up an opponent, he/she takes on a Sonic palette and runs around thrice as fast, soon curling up into a ball that's as controllable as Sonic's Spin Dash in the traditional Smash Bros. series. This effect doesn't work on other Sonics.

Final Smash - MLG

Sanic bestows a fedora, pixelated shades, a FaZe Clan badge, and pops a blunt in. He's now able to run at extremely high speeds (mainly 300 mi. in a whole minute beat that fgts), causing people to get tripped over when they evade him, or to be knocked away if they try to run into him. Pressing A has him noscope anyone at a perfect angle (if he moves during this, he 360 quickscopes filthy casuals, and a spin will cause him to knock out anyone's items). Pressing B allows him to consume Mtn. Dew to heal himself entirely or throw Doritos at opponents, which work like the Leaf Shield. Direct hits with noscope cause the whole opposition to be stunned by the annoying commentary and random pictures/sample text that pop up (as any MLG veteran would know). If he's knocked off, an airhorn will help him back up the stage, but only once. After that, it'll all go grayscale as sad music is played to honor Sanic's death, which doesn't affect Sanic's Sanic somehow isn't kill!? ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED. Otherwise, this mode lasts you 36 seconds.


KOSFX1: "--fast!"

KOSFX2: *Game Over theme*

Star KOSFX: *screams*

Screen KOSFX: "Ow!"


Up: "Wayne Gretzky rules!"

Sd: "Ur 2 slo!"

Dn: "FUN! FUN! FUN!"

Victory Options+Failure/Clap

1. "We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey."

2. Batman Sanic

3. *drives away in his Sanic R car*

Failure/Clap: Sonicwut

Standard Attacks

Neutral Jabs - Go Fast in Place

Dash Attack - C'mon! Puppet Up!

Smash Attacks

  • Sd - Large Fist
  • Up - The Sanic still looks fake
  • Dn - Bonus Heads

Tilt Attacks

  • Sd - Front Quill
  • Up - Broken Leg
  • Dn - Li'l Sanic Punt

Aerial Attacks

  • N-Air - Flash
  • F-Air - Home In
  • B-Air - Backflip
  • U-Air - Realistic PINGAS
  • D-Air - Stomp it Up!


  • Grab - IT'S NO USE!
  • Pummel - 2 week m8
  • Forward - Axemurder
  • Back - Brick Wall Ahead
  • Up - Drum Roll Please
  • Down - Giant Sanic Head


  • Ledge Attack - Spin Dash
  • 100% Ledge Attack - Skid Dash
  • Ground Attack - Ear Rape!
  • Trip Attack - Large Fists

Snake Codec

Snake: "This is Snake." CheekiiChaps: "Hello, Snake. My name is CheekiiChaps, the host of Battle for MLG Island and the author of the Diary of an MLG Noscoper series."

Snake: "So, you hacked into my channel. What are you, some kind of kid?"

CheekiiChaps: "I'm 34 years old, you doppleganger fgt."

Snake: "Okay... Tell me what you know about this blue thing."

CheekiiChaps: "That is the Battle for MLG Island season 2 fan favorite Sanic. Gotta go fast m8. He is 19 years old and from the area of Green Trill Zone. His pet peeve is people proceeding at a low velocity. His favorite food is the yellow onion ring. One fact about him is that he dropped out of high school. What a lame fact."

Snake: "... Are you kidding me!?"

CheekiiChaps: "Shut it, you cunt. Anyway, here is a confessional he made." *confessional plays*

Sanic: "Hey, what up m8? It's your friend-o here. The hegehog that everyone knows: Sanic. I am going to win this contest by going super fast. XDD Support me bros and hoes. I need to bring honor to the Green Trill Zone."

Snake: "This is making my head hurt."

Character Description


Classic Mode





  • Sanic made a cameo in Egoraptor's 4th victory option against JonTron along with Silver.
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