Segway Guy
Happy wheels segway guy by nikiball1-d5sn1qo
Segway Steven
Debut Happy Wheels
Appears in Lawl with Garterbelt 2, 3, and 4.
Friends SMB2 Toad
Enemies Tobygames
Dr. Robotnik
Lawl Team Team Garterbelt

Special Moves

B- Sword Throw

Similer to Mr. Game and Watch B, Segway will throw at Random Location, Either hitting the Opponent, Himself or Nothing.

  • 50% The Sword Fly Left and Right
  • 25% The Sword Fly Upward and Hit Self

Side B- Arrow Shooting


Up B- Booster


Down B- Mine


Final Smash- Dodge the Bullet

A Giant Gun Appear on the Side of the Screen. Segway escape through the Pogo Stick Man as the Gun Aiming. It shoot a Small Bullet that does Major Damage to Anyone who Touch it.


KO 1: OOOOooaaaaaaaa

KO 2: OOOooooooo


Screen KO: OOFFF


Down Taunt- ???

Side Taunt- ???

Up Taunt- ???

Victories/Lose Pose

Victory 1: ???

Victory 2: ???

Victory 3: ???

Lose pose: ???

Character Description

Segway Guy is the second playable character in Happy Wheels. He is one of the four original Happy Wheels characters included in the game from release, alongside Wheelchair Guy, Irresponsible Dad and Effective Shopper. Segway Guy rides a metallic-silver, spring-loaded segway, capable of jumping into the air. The pole on the segway can only face up and can't be rotated (unless the vehicle is destroyed). This is why he cannot do a 360 loop level, as they often result in death. His attire consists of a white bicycle helmet (similar to the one worn by Irresponsible Dad, Irresponsible Mom or Pogostick Man), a grey business suit (accompanied by a dark red neck-tie), and black shoes. Segway Guy appears to be a middle-aged businessman, possibly of the upper-class (based on the fact that he owns a segway). He is slightly fatter than the other non-obese characters.

Segway Guy is often a forced character in levels where the player must immediately eject (like ball throws or ragdolls). But although with the new hide vehicle feature, these levels have become unpopular. Because the segway can easily be held by small shapes, escaping from his vehicle and crawling away is easier for Segway Guy than other characters. He is also considered a very basic character with no gimmick/feature (besides jumping and reattaching to his segway).

Classic Mode


Rival 1: TBA


Rival 2: TBA





Ground attacks


Neutral attack -

Dash attack -

Forward tilt -

Up tilt -

Down tilt -


Forward smash -

Up smash -

Down smash -


Ledge attack -

100% ledge attack -

Floor attack -

Trip attack -

Aerial attacks

Neutral aerial -

Forward aerial -

Back aerial -

Up aerial -

Down aerial -

Grabs and throws

Grab -

Pummel -

Forward throw -

Back throw -

Up throw -

Down throw -

Snake Codec


Role In The Subspace Emissary



  • TBA


Lawl with Garterbelt 4 - Segway Guy

Lawl with Garterbelt 4 - Segway Guy

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