Shy Guy
Shy Guy
Universe Nintendo
Debut Super Mario Bros. 2 (US)
Appears in Smash Bros. Lawl Galaxy
Smash Bros. Lawl Revolution
Friends Bubbyaustin
Buzzy Beetle
Enemies Tsukune Aono
Pyramid Head
Nemesis-T Type
The Darkness
Lawl Team Team Galaxy
Team Revolution


Shy Pipe (Lawl Revolution)

Shy Guy enters the battlefield via warp pipe.

Warp Vase (Lawl Galaxy)

Shy Guy enters the battlefield through a Warp Vase from the American Super Mario Bros. 2.

Special Attacks

Lawl Revolution

Neutral B - Mario Kart Shell

Shy Guy throws a Koopa Shell forward. A simple tap has him throw a green one. Upon charging it, you'll throw a red shell that'll target the nearest opponent.

Side B - Tribal Charge

In Tribal gear, Shy Guy leans back then dashes forth, stunning opponents upon direct contact. You can charge it up to travel a bigger distance and deal more damage. The shield also deflects projectiles.

Up B - Fly Guy

A propeller appears on Shy Guy's head. It helps him fly around and recover for 10 seconds.

Down B - Barbecue Guy

Shy Guy places a grill in front of himself which then goes aflame. It's your run-of-the-mill flame trap when it's out in the open. However, if the grill itself hits an opponent, it'll do some major damage.

Final Smash - Shy Guy Army

Shy Guy calls for 2 Fly Guys to carry a bomb and drop it in 3 seconds. During so, Shy Guy escapes via warp pipe. Extras appear allowing an opportunity to escape. After said escape, the fight proceeds in a randomly different stage. 2 pipes in 4-ways, 1 pipe in 3-ways, and no pipes in 1-on-1's.

Lawl Galaxy

Neutral B - Snifit Mask

Shy Guy straps on the mask of a Snifit. The Snifit Mask allows you to shoot a cannonball. The cannonball does minor damage and knockback. You can also charge up the impact of the cannonball. Anyone who lands on top of them will just stand on them like a moving platform. When a charged up cannonball is shot, Shy Guy jolts back from the blast. While you put on the mask, you are left open to enemy attacks, so be cautious when putting on the mask.

Side B - Electric Spear

Shy Guy puts on some tribal wear. In said tribal wear, Shy Guy stabs with his spear, somehow shooting close-range lightning bolts. The lightning can do slight-more-than-average knockback and can stun, along with 1% damage dealt from it. The spear itself can do less-than-average knockback and is long-range, along with 3% damage dealt from it. If you time the lightning right, you can deflect projectiles.

Up B - Propeller Head

Shy Guy produces a propeller from his head. On land, he can move like normal and can do all his standard attacks and such, even the upward smash, the upward throw, and upward tilt. Upon jumping, he goes a bit higher. If you move up and hold B, you'll manage to actually use the propeller as a proper recovery. This is a simple recovery method to use. The propeller does minor damage per spin and minor knockback to string up more damage. You can also manage to shoot out balls upon pressing A during the flight.

Down B - Flower Bush

Shy Guy makes a bush of flowers from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island and puts it on, disguising himself. While it's on, you can move around, but only at half the normal pace. Anyone who melee attacks you while camouflaged will be counterattacked. Projectiles will do 75% of the normal damage they can do, whether or not they're at full charge. This only works on land.

Final Smash - Shy Guy Stampede

Shy Guy calls for his many other buddies. Multiple shy guys will charge towards the opponents. They are as follows:

  • Normal Shy Guys - They basically do average knockback and damage. They also come in different flavors (no, you can't eat them).
  • Bandit Bros. - They grab coins for health and give them to you in a snap, healing you (and even your teammates).
  • Ghost Guys - They pass through all the terrain and are deadly to the touch, dealing constant damage, but no knockback or flinching.
  • Stilted Shy Guys - If they trip over anything (which they will), they become projectiles and the stilts also do damage, which is basically as much as Bill Nye's ladder when he uses his up special.
  • Giant Shy Guys - They are heavier than the normal shy guy you're playing as and they plow enemies into the ground upon falling off a platform.
  • Anti-Guy - They do more damage than a regular shy guy would, but less than the giant ones.
  • Toon Shy Guy - They are from the Super Mario Bros. Super Show and can do a little more impact than normal Shy Guys. They also use their guts to bounce projectiles back.
  • Shyster - They can bounce around and can do meteor smashes to airborne opponents.
  • Indiana Guy - They run forth, likely near the end, and then a boulder appears, knocking everyone away like a broom to dust.
  • Karter Shy Guy - They drive in and do as much impact as Wario's motorcycle in Brawl.
  • Wind-Up Shy Guy - They move at half the speed as a normal Shy Guy and can be thrown around.
  • Striker Guy - They kick anyone they make direct contact with, which has the same impact as Luigi's side tilt.
  • Pyro Guy - They charge forth on fire, dealing flame damage and minor knockback.
  • Shy-bor-Guy - They manage to do twice as much impact as a normal Shy Guy and weigh twice as much.

The stampede basically goes on for 20 seconds.


Lawl Revolution

KOSFX1: "Wow..."

KOSFX2: "Nyaa-nyoo."

Star KOSFX: "Ohwooo--"

Screen KOSFX: "Wow."

Lawl Galaxy

KOSFX1: "Whoa!"

KOSFX2: "Wee-oh!"

Star KOSFX: "Weeeohhohhohhh!"

Screen KOSFX: "Ow!"


Lawl Revolution

Up: *balances on a tennis raquet*

Sd: *plays a tune as Samba Guy*

Dn: *jumps up as Indy Shy Guy*

Lawl Galaxy

Up: *slowly unsheathes a pocket knife then re-holsters it*

Sd: *tightens his mask strap*

Dn: "Wow!"

Victory Options+Failure/Clap

Lawl Revolution

1. *plays his 3/DS*

2. *presents a Starman*

3. *removes the mask revealing a troll face*

Failure/Clap: Can't look

Lawl Galaxy

1. *drives off in his go-kart from Mario Kart 7*

2. *1st place result victory animation from Mario Kart Wii*

3. *gets a star*

Failure/Clap: Egg'd

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Super smash bros Lawl Moveset-Shy guy-0

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