Feed teh Creature



Our SC is Produced By 2 Other SCs. The Parents Walk Into The Background Anywhere There is a Background they can stand on.


Food Meter: All of SC's Moves are Related To Give it Food, Giving it a Buff or Penalty Depending on if it Has Food or Not.


Neutral B - Share

SC Attempts To Give a Food to Anything Near it. This Lowers The Foes Damage Output Towards SC. Requires At Least 1 Food To Use.

Side B - Speed Value

SC Rushes Forward, If It Rushes Past Someone it'll Steal 1 Food. Steals 2 Food is The Foe Has Been Hit By Neutral B.

Up B - Steal

SC Jumps Up to Steal a Food, If It Hits, It's Steal 1 Food.

Down B - Size

SC Has a Scale In Front of It, Allowing it To Trade Size for Food. Left Makes it Smaller, Lowering It's Already Light Weight For High Speed and Less Lag on Attacks. Right Makes it bigger, Making it Heavier and Stronger At The Cost of Speed.

Final Smash - Natural Selection

SC Rushes forward, Anything Hit Runs Around a Simulation To Find Food To No Avail. They Take 10% Every 3 Seconds For 30 Seconds, SC's Food Meter is Filled.

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