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Super Smash Bros. Lawl, known in Japan as Dairantou Smash Brothers XD (大乱闘スマッシュブラザーズ XD, Dairantou Sumasshu Burazāzu Ekksu Di), and often shorten to "SSBL" or "Lawl"is the original crossover fighting games from SSBB or chincherrina's channel.

NOTE: XD means Lawl in Japanese.


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Adventure Mode: The Subspace Emissary

Smash Bros. Lawl features a new Adventure mode titled "The Subspace Emissary" (SSE). This mode features unique character storylines and numerous side-scrolling levels and bosses to fight, as well as cut scenes explaining the plot. SSE introduces a group of antagonists called the Subspace Army, who are led by the Ancient Minister. Some of these enemy characters appeared in previous Every video games, such as Glutko from the Link the Faces of Evil and a squadron of R.O.B.s based on classic CDI hardware. SSE boasts a number of original enemies, such as the Roader, a robotic unicycle; the Bytan, a one-eyed, ball-like creature which can replicate itself if left alone; and the Primid, enemies that fight with a variety of weapons. Though the game is primarily played as a single-player mode, cooperative multiplayer is available. This mode features a mechanism which strengthens the selected character's abilities. They are in the form of collectible stickers that can be applied to the base of the player's character trophies.

Unlike other game modes, SSE has a team system for the characters, with a limited choice of characters at the beginning of the mode. Others join the team as the game progresses, while some characters may leave the team temporarily.Most characters start off with their own teams, but the teams merge occasionally until they become a unified team by the end of the game. In cooperative multi-player, once one player loses a life, an ally can take his or her place until the number of lives run out. If there are no lives left and player one is defeated, the game is interrupted, with the choice of starting again from the previous "door" the player passed through or quitting.


The mode begins as The King and IM Meen face each other on The King's castle at Hyrule.when a fighter is defeated, they turn into a trophy form, which can be revived by touching the base. Suddenly, smoke pours from the sky and the Battleship Halberd flies over. It releases a stream of black purple-clouded bugs called Shadow Bugs that form the soldiers of the Subspace Army. he Ancient Minister, a cloak-clad, mysterious hovering General of the Subspace Army, arrives with his Army and detonates a Subspace Bomb, which can only be detonated by the sacrifice of two R.O.B.'s, and which transports the world into Subspace, an alternate dimension where the Subspace Army resides. The Ancient Minister's advance prompts the heroes to progressively team up and attempt to repel the enemy, while villains harvest the power of the allied characters by converting them into trophies, and using shadow bugs on some of them to fight the protagonists during their adventure.

Smash bros lawl Agito90 Edition

Same as they stories, but the next sense. I don't know what happen next maybe I can use every characters like Serph,Jen,Angry "red leader" bird and much more.

Main article: Smash bros lawl Agito90 Edition


A lot of people made spinoffs by the name that rhymes with Brawl and made their own Lawl movests. Here are the spinoffs:

  • Battleverse (Mr. Steal Yo Girl)
  • Arl: Created by Agentrockluxury2 (Youtube)
  • 'Clawl': Created by Supersonicfan23 (Deviantart)
  • Smash Bros. Lawl: Maximum: Created by everyone! (All of them except for SullyfrogMsrady)
  • Smash Bros. Lawl: Battle Royale: Created by NaruIchi97/AtomicRanger97
  • Smash Bros Lawl EX: Created by Kenneth1chase (Aka KcSlicer17 on youtube) (Wikia, deviantART, YouTube)
  • Elite Warrior Battle Royale (StevenStar777) (Wikia)
  • Super Smash Bros. GBS (GBSshows)
  • Smash Bros. Trawlawlawl (Unknown)
  • Fortress Lawl
  • YTPguy
  • X (Agito)
  • Blaw. (704712)
  • Super Lawl
  • Lawl Gold Version (SapphireAirship)
  • Smash Bros. Lawl Galaxy: created by John.mitchell.9210256
  • Smash Bros Lawl 4D: Created by TheCelticFlash
  • Smash bros lawl united: Created By Richard 100

List of Characters

Starter Characters

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Unlockable Characters

Characters that are Coming Soon/Assumingly Possible

Unlocking Criteria

The required acts to unlock a character (3 per character).

Mama Luigi

  • Play 10 Lawls.
  • Clear Classic Mode for the first time.
  • Get Mama Luigi to join you in The Subspace Emmisary.


  • Play 20 Lawls.
  • Clear Classic Mode with Frollo.
  • Get Gaston to join you in The Subspace Emmisary.

Adolf Hitler

  • Play 30 Lawls.
  • Clear Classic mode on Normal or higher difficulty.
  • Get Hitler to join you in the Subspace Emissary.

Billy Mays

  • Play 40 Lawls.
  • Clear Classic Mode with Tommy Wiseau and Hitler.
  • Get Billy Mays to join you in the Subspace Emissary.


  • Play 50 Lawls.
  • Clear Classic Mode with Madotsuki.
  • Get Yomika to join you in the Subspace Emissary.


  • Play 60 Lawls.
  • Clear Classic Mode on Very Easy or Easy.
  • Get Ib to join you in the Subspace Emissary.

Toon Bison

  • Play 70 Lawls.
  • Clear Classic Mode with Toon Guile on Normal.
  • Get Bison to join you in the Subspace Emissary

Scanty & Kneesocks

  • Play 80 Lawls.
  • Have a match with Panty and Stocking in Hell's Gate
  • Get Sacnty and Kneesocks to join you in Subspace Emissary

Nicolas Cage

  • Play 90 Lawls
  • Have a match with J. Jonah Jameson in under of 1 hour
  • Get Cage to join you in Subspace Emissary

Jaime Maussan

  • Play 100 Lawls
  • Clear Classic Mode with Haruhi on Hard or higher
  • Clear all the UFOLOGISTS events
  • Get Jaime to join you in the Subspace Emissary

Toon Dr. Wily

  • Play 110 Lawls.
  • Clear Bonus Stage without fail
  • Get Wily to join you in the Subspace Emissary


  • Play 120 Lawls.
  • Clear Classic Mode with Cage on Normal or lower.
  • Get Zoolander to join you in Subspace Emissary.

New Hercules

  • Play 130 Lawls.
  • Clear Classic Mode with Best Hercules.
  • Get New Hercules to join you in the Subspace Emissary.

Aya Drevis

  • Play 140 Lawls.
  • Clear Classic Mode with Ib without a continue.
  • Get Aya Drevis to join you in the Subspace Emissary.

Carlos Trejo

  • Play 150 Lawls.
  • Clear Break the Targets with all characters except for him.
  • Get Carlos Trejo to join you in the Subspace Emissary.

Irate Gamer

  • Play 1 Lawl.
  • Dislike one of his videos on YouTube.
  • Get Irate Gamer to join you in The Subspace Emissary (2nd one is easier).

Weird Al

  • Play 160 Lawls.
  • Equip 25 different items.
  • Get Weird Al to join you in The Subspace Emissary

J. Jonah Jameson

  • Play 170 Lawls.
  • Collect 300 kinds of Trophies
  • Get Jameson to join you in The Subspace Emissary


Starter Stages

These stages can be fought on at the start of the game.

  • Meen's Lair (I.M. Meen's stage)
  • Koridai (The King's stage)
  • Kickassia (Nostalgia Critic's stage)
  • Spartan Pit (Leonidas' stage)
  • The Roof (Tommy Wiseau's stage)
  • Mado's Balcony (Madotsuki's stage)
  • AVGN's Room (AVGN's stage)
  • Robotnik's Lair (Dr. Robotnik's stage)
  • Notre Dame (Frollo's stage)
  • Epic Sax Stage
  • Daten City Church (Panty & Stocking's stage)
  • The Plane (Toon Guile's stage)
  • Strickland Propane (Hank Hill's stage)
  • La Vecindad (Don Ramon's Stage)
  • North High (Haruhi's stage)
  • Best Colisseum (Best Hercules' stage)

Unlockable Stages

These stages need to be unlocked in order to be fought on.

  • Lava Ride (Mama Luigi's stage)
  • Gatson's Pub (Gaston's stage)
  • The Fuhrerbunker (Hitler's stage)
  • Infomercialand (Billy Mays' stage)
  • Yomika's Dreamland (Yomika's Stage)
  • Guertana Gallery (Ib and Mary's stage)
  • Bison's Base (Toon Bison's stage)
  • Hell's Gate (Scanty & Kneesocks' stage)
  • Summerisle (Nicolas' stage)
  • Otro Rollo (Jaime Maussan and Carlos Trejo's stage)
  • Skull Fortress (Toon Dr. Wily's stage)
  • Relaxation Time Land (Zoolander and Weird Al's stage)
  • New Olimp (New Hercules' stage)
  • Alfred's Laboratory (Aya Drevis' stage)
  • Irate Gamer's Room (Irate Gamer's stage)
  • An Unnamed Yume Nikki Stage (which was seen in Weird Al's moveset video [2:26 - 2:48])
  • Daily Bugle (J. Jonah Jameson's stage)
  • World Taste (The Frollo Show Stage)
  • Final Destination

Assist Trophies

The NPC characters that will assist you if you stumble upon an Assist Trophy.


  • The only 2 (or 4 :|) tag team characters are Panty & Stocking and Scanty & Kneesocks.
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