Some guy was bored one day and had flash on his computer and wanted to do something and then he came across some person's videos on a certain fan game and thought "Hey, why don't I try doing one myself?". So he went through the process of doing the character selection screen,choosing a character,the animation and all that stuff that no one cares about. When he completed the video and used some stupid program to make the video in HD that wasn't his editing software he then uploaded it to youtube and decided to come up with a name based on Team Fortress 2 since he was addicted to it and he still is and thats how the game came to be in the most anti-climatic way possible.

Smash Bros Lawl fortress Logo

This is Lawl made by the New Guy: sonictheimmeenpootis


  • He takes Requests
  • Lawl Empire grow Stronger
  • He uses a different animation program than Scratch and Sony Vegas
  • (insert more good)


  • He can only make Sprite Version of character(which isn't really a problem i mean look at madotsuki's moveset)
  • He can only use Final Destination as a stage but is planning on doing stages and revealing them in the future.
  • He is friends with Sonic.exe (no srly he is) :3

Bottom line, It nice we got more Lawler to join our team. IM MEEN NEVER QUITS YOU'LL SEEEEEEEEEE!


Character Made Now/Will be Made:

  • Classic Sonic (Sonic the Hedgehog (not to be confused with the one from 2006 and sucked as much as my pencil's rubber)
  • Paper Mario (Paper Mario Series)
  • Sonic.exe (Sonic and Creepypasta)
  • Rockman (Rockman/Megaman)
  • Motobug (Sonic 1) In memory of PolygonJim
  • Bartman814 (Youtube)

Other Character:

(Required a Request by PM on Youtube)
Smash Bros Fortress Lawl Moveset - Classic Sonic

Smash Bros Fortress Lawl Moveset - Classic Sonic

1st Moveset

I think I found an easter egg in Lawl (something must be up with the programmers)

I think I found an easter egg in Lawl (something must be up with the programmers)

Classic Sonic's Hidden Final Smash(Hint: Gangam Style)