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! to Bart Simpson
Bartman the Awesome to Chain Chomp
Chalky Boi to Dante(DmC Version)
Darcy Sosa to Eren Yeager
Eric Cartman to Grunt (Madness Combat)
Grunt 3467 to Jeremy Chavez
Jeremy Clarkson to Legorunnerkid's Super Smash Bros. Lawl
Lei Wulong to Mikasa Ackerman
Mike Chilton to Patricia
Patricia Wagon to Robert Richards
Roberta Tubbs to Smash Bros. Lawl Attitude
Smash Bros. Lawl Attitude 2's Lawl Run to Super Smash Bros Lawl Omega
Super Smash Bros Lawl Revolution to Toon Deker
Toon Don Vito to Xander Mobus
Xavier to Zuru
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