Stewie Griffin
"Victory is Mine"
Universe FOX
Debut Family Guy
Appears in Smash Bros Lawl X
Friends Alex Mercer
Brian Griffin
Kenny McCormick
Konata (SSE only)
Enemies Jen Masterson
Chris McLean
Peter Griffin(father)
Lawl Team X

Stewie Griffin is one of the main Characters of Family Guy.


Neutral B - Weather Control Device

Stewie uses the device for 3 seconds before selecting a type of weather. Each weather has a 1/4 of a chance of happening.

  • Sunny - the stage starts getting hot, slowing down the opponents.
  • Rain - it will start making puddles in which opponents can slip in. If it's heavy rain, it will hit the opponents.
  • Snow - opponents will randomly get frozen. Any opponents that have ice-related abilities don't get affected or Restore Health.
  • Wind - opponents will be blown to the left or right side of the screen.

None of the weather affects Stewie. There's also no cooldown time, so the device will just change the forecast.

Side B - Flamethrower

Stewie uses his flamethrower. But unlike the Pyro's, Stewie can't move while using it. However, the damage when touched is much more devastating.

Up B - Grappling Hook

Stewie uses a grappling hook to grab on the nearest ledge. You can't control or aim it, it'll just grab the ledge that's the closest, if there's is a ledge that's near, as it has a good but limited range. If anyone touches the hook, they recieve damage.

Down B - Muscular Stewie

Stewie can guard himself front the opponents so that they can't trespass him. He can't move every time he blocks someone. Also, mentioned in his neutral special, if he's attacked within the 3 seconds he's beefed up, the move is cancelled. Believe it or not, this can deal damage.

Final Smash - LOIS!! LOIS!!

For 20 seconds, Stewie calles for his mom, Lois. He can release a shockwave that can cause damage. The closer you are to Stewie, the more damage you receive. Each call Stewie gives produces a shockwave. For the first 4 seconds he will Lois, the next 4, Mom, then mommy, mama, and finally mom, after that Lois will appear on the screen shouted "WHAT?!". If the opponent touches her/behind her, they be instantly get K.O.'d. Stewie then say "Hi" and giggles, making Lois disappear and ending the smash. She is avoidable, though.


Down Taunt- Go...away... Fat man...

Side Taunt- Excellent!!

Up Taunt- Snake Griffin (His tongue moves).

Character Description

Role In The Subspace Emissary


  • He will replace Agito90 according to the end of Konata Izumi's moveset in Smash Bros Lawl X.


Smash bros Lawl X Character Moveset - Stewie

Smash bros Lawl X Character Moveset - Stewie

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