Subspace Army Flag

The Subspace Army is an evil force which is the main antagonist of the Subspace Emissary mode in Smash Bros. Lawl.

Team Antilope

  • Dr. Robotnik
  • Irate Gamer
  • Hitler
  • Toon Bison
  • Xerxes
  • Ganondorf- Like in SSBB, he is a major member of the Subspace Army. He's the one who's responsible for sending Robotnik, Bores, and Xerxes to conquer areas.
  • Mary- The youngest member of the army. She has a childlike behavior. Hitler and Günsche release her from her painting because the duo detected a powerful energy from the art gallery and also because she's "Aryan".
  • Carlos Trejo

Team Super Lawl

Team Lawl X

??? (Final Boss)

??? (hint: a T-rex transform into a robot form) (Main Leader)

80's Shredder (TMNT 1987's series) (second-in-command)

Hitoshi (one of his henchmen; Similar like Irate Gamer)

Team Elite

The Sun of All Evil (Final Boss)

Him (The Powerpuff Girls) (Main Leaders)

Daroach (One of the Captains)

Ditmito (One of the Captains)

Colonal Rabec (One of the Captains)

Captain Hook (One of the Captains)

Wesker (One of the Captains)

Evil Steven_Star (One of the Minor Characters)

Evil Cole MacGrath (One of the Minor Characters)

Valentine (One of the Minor Charcaters, who changed sides).

Dormammu (One of the Minor Characters)

Jacker the Demon Robot (One of the Minor Characters)

Gyro (One of the Minor Characters)

Dr. Faciller (One of the Minor Characters)

Mr. Freeze (One of the Minor Characters)

Axel (One of the Minor Characters)

Valentine (One of the Minor Characters)

Jack Spicer (One of the Minor Characters, who changed sides)

Monster Boss Fight

Demon Kyo

The Mad Gear Leader (Fatal Fight)

Shadow Labrys (Persona)


The Ice King


The Beast (Infamous)

Double (Skullgirls)

Father (KND)

Chase Young (Xiadom Showdown)


The Invaded Core (Kinda like The Machine's and The Monkeys)

The Mad Gear's Minions (Fatal Fight)

Zombies (Dead Rising, Lollipop Chainsaw, Highschool of the Dead, etc)

Jackbot (Xiadom Showdown)

Shadow Creature (Persona)

Heartless (From Kingdom Hearts)

Maverick (Megaman X)

Team Mawl

Team Ultimate

Main Character

Giygas (Final Boss)

Abyss (Main Leader)

Orge (One of the Captain)

Mephiles the Dark (One of the Captain)

Tron Bonne (One of the Minjor Character)

Lu Bu (One of the Minjor Character)

Monster Boss Fight

Giant Prana Plant

Monkey Mother Ship


Zhang Jiao

Symbiote Doc Ock

Mario Head


SIN Army (from Final Fantasy X)

The Monkey (from Ape Escape) (Pipo will be Playable)

Yellow Turban Rebellion (from Dystiny Warriors 2)

Prana (from the Unholy War*PS1*) (One of Them will be Playable)

Megaprana (from the Unholy War*PS1*)

Machine's (From Mann vs. Machine on TF2)

Heartless (From Kingdom Hearts)

Team EX

Braden Fabian (Real life) The main leader of the evil army

Ultraman belial (Ultraman) The second leader of the evil army

Gary bettman (National hockey league) The third leader of the evil army

Professor pester (Viva pináta) The fourth leader of the evil army

Jimmy roberts (out of jimmys head) The youngest of the evil army

Ratigan (The great mouse detective) The fifth leader of the evil army

The cast of level up (Level up) The tag team of the evil army

Boss fight

King ghidorah (Godzilla)

Frost walrus (megaman x4)

Jim harbaugh (San Francisco 49ers)

The cast of level up (Level up)

Memy9909 (Youtube)

Ultraman belial (ultraman)

Braden Fabian (Real life) The final boss


Angry Xbox live gamer (real life)

Fpsnation kid (youtube)


Creeper (minecraft)

Muscler stickman

Zombie (plants v.s zombies)

Enderman (minecraft)

Battle droid (star wars)

Stormtrooper (star wars)

Manaphy (Pokemon)

The ink police (De blob)

Team United

Main Members


  • Copyright Police (Viacom)
  • Delete Clones (Cyberchase)
  • Hackerised Citizens (Cyberchase)
  • Zackbots (Wild Kratts)