Universe YouTube
Debut Super Mario Bloopers 64
Appears in Super Lawl
Smash Bros Lawl Starstruck
Friends Mario
Enemies SuperMarioGlitchy3
Lawl Team Team Starstruck



Super Lawl

In Super Lawl, he appeared as an assist character in Galaxy Wars. When summoned, he uses his Cannon Pen!s that shoots a Ragdoll Peach at the enemies, which also pierce through them.



A computer is places on the ground and SMG4 pops out and enters a fighting stance

Special Attacks

Neutral B - Waluigi Launcher

SMG4 summon Waluigi and holds him in place while the announcer says "WALUIGI LAUNCHER' causing him to rocket forward to the direction SMG4 is facing. (25%)

Side B - Rock Throw

SMG4 gets into his throwing pose and a rock appears in his hand. The more he charges, the farther it goes (7%-20%). This move is easily spammable.

Up B - Wing Cap

Glitchy's cap grows wings and flies to the direction you move the control stick. (Works like Pit's Brawl Up B with Meta Knight's gliding)

Down B - Toast Fairy

SMG4 sets a piece of toast on the ground. One piece of toast can be on the stage at a time. After a few seconds, The Toast Shy Guy swoops down screaming to pick the toast up, doing good damage and knock back.

Final Smash - SSENMODNAR

SMG4 will summon his computer and will type on it like he's working on a blooper. Suddenly, a pop up will say "BLOOPER.EXE" and the computer will shake violently, releasing random stuff

Teletubbies: shoots opponents and runs around while swinging crowbars

SMG3: fires a giant death ray that makes a black hole, but needs to be charged

Pingas: Rams into opponents while saying pingas.

Spiny Shells: Homes in on random opponents.

Rock Wizard: Summons lighting to strike your opponents



KOSFX2: "Dammit!"

Star KOSFX: *Screams like a girl*



Up: SMG4 Yells at mario offscreen"Goddammit Mario!!"

Sd: SMG4 dances while yelling.

Dn: SMG4 yells "Where's my burrito"

Victory Options+Failure/Clap

Victory 1: His eye twitches while Steve and Mario dance in the background.

Victory 2: *He eats his burrito"

Victory 3: "He puts on swag glasses and dances

Lose/Clap: He falls to the ground in a SM64 death pose.

Character Description

SMG4 lives in a world where Nintendo was crosses with memes. He is currently the most subscribed Super Mario 64 machinist on youtube. He also uses other games such as Gmod, Minecraft and Team Fortress 2.

Other Attacks

Ground Attacks

Basic Attacks

  • AAA Combo- punch, punch, kick
  • Dash Attack- Front kick

Tilt Attacks

  • Side- Uses toad as whip (can trip)
  • Up- He throws a coin in the air
  • Down- He pokes the ground with a stick


  • Side- He swings a laptop dealing electrical damage
  • Up- He opens the laptop above him
  • Down- He does a simple SM64 spin kick.


  • N-Air - Glitches out like the characters can in his videos.
  • F-Air - He closes his eyes and swings his arms wildly. (multi hit)
  • B-Air - He does a spin and deals a spike.
  • U-Air - He does a upward kick move from mario 64.
  • D-Air - He ground pounds, sending him down fast but dealing a spike.

Grabs, Throws

  • Grab- He holds the fighter by the shoulders
  • Pummel- He kicks the fighter lightly
  • Forward- He does a simple kick and sends the fighter in arc.
  • Back- He does a spin throw from Mario 64
  • Up- He uses a bombomb to throw the fighter above him
  • Down- He ground pounds the fighter.


  • Ledge attack: He does a spin kick.
  • 100% ledge attack: He smashes with a dive.
  • Trip attack: ???


A SM64 Bloopers rock.

Victory Music

The opening part of the Hobo Bros theme, from his gaming channel.

Kirby Hat

Smg4 hat

Exclusive stickers

A Kevin Sticker (Hobo Bros)

A real life SMG4


SMG4 (or super mario glitchy 4) is well known fighter and coward of the SMG4 mushroom kingdom. In a world filled with stupid memes and crazy characters. SMG4 is one of the few normal ones out of the bunch, but he still has his moments.


SMG4's Waluigi Launcher is a staple weapon of his world and bloopers. If one wants to create a Waluigi Launcher one must, first grab a Waluigi, second, rearrange his spinal structure. And finally use a bombomb to blast the launcher.


SSENMODNAR is a representation of all the crazy things SMG4 has encountered on his adventures, while he takes shelter, his laptop lets open a large amount of characters and hazards from his bloopers. One CAN dodge all of the mayhem, but it is close to impossible to. There is a reason SSENMODNAR is randomness spelled backwards.

Wiimote Sound

"Yeah BOIII!"

Snake Codec


Role In SSE



Colors & Costumes

  • SMG3
  • SLG4
  • A mario alt
  • And a swag alt.


  • Insert One
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