The starting roster for Super Lawl Brothers Melee.

Super Lawl Brothers Melee is a Lawl series created by DarkAceYTP.

He announced Super Lawl Bros. Melee in late November as a side project. He said the following statement, "I didn't make this for the popularity but for the fun of it. If people like it that's a plus in my book but if people don't like I'll keep making it no matter what." The whole roster count will be 24 but he has open slots for requests. The max roster count will be 35. When people stated that he is copying character selections both him and Aranryanchampion stated that no one had copyrights over the characters and Ace will make original movesets for said characters, which lead TureDackAce to get lots hates mails a cancel Melee Lawl

Announced Characters

  • King Harkinian (Legend of Zelda CD-I titles) (Different version from Chin)
  • Fat Mario (Hotel Mario) (Different version from YTPguy17, known as CD-I Mario/Toon Mario)
  • The starting character select screen.

    Best Link (The Legend of Zelda Cartoon Series)


    Video revealing the project

    Peanut Butter Gamer (The Peanut Butter Gamer Show)
  • Batman (The Dark Knight Series)
  • Casey Jones (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2003)
  • Tommy Wiseau 
  • Panty (Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt) (A Different from Chin, who she was teams with her sister Stocking).
  • Robbie Hart (The Wedding Singer)
  • Tommy Oliver (Mighty Morphing Power Rangers)

Requested Characters

Character Rumors

  • Ace revealed that Jon Tron will be in Super Lawl Bros. Melee but it is unknown what purpose he will serve, but likely should eventually since Jon won I0Love0Amy0Rose's Returned and News, but was cancel because him laptop crash.
  • He revealed that there is a represenitive from the Total Drama series as a character but it is unknown who the character is.
  • Hazama can be seen in his picture that reveals Lawl Bros. Melee. Ace says that he will play a big part in the Subspace Emissary, but he did not reveal if he is playable.


  • Aranryanchampion (real voice acting)
  • Mariotehplumber (sentence mixing)
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