Tari is a Lawl Orbit Fighter


A Very Heroic Entrance

Tari Stands On A Rock Formation, Before Falling Off With a Comedic "AAH!" Sound Effect. Depending on how Many Opponents Are fighting, Tari May Take Damage. (If There Are At Least 4 Opponnents Against Tari)


Neutral B - Carnival Gun

Tari Uses A Carnival Gun That Does A Pitiful Amount of Damage, But It Stuns For 5 Seconds, So Hey, At Least There's That.

Side B - Item Toss

Tari Tosses One of 4 Items


Tari Throws a Tari Plshie, Dealing The Least Damage But Is a Shieldbreaker.

Rubber Duck

Tari (Reluctantly) Throws a Rubber Duck, As it Bouncing off The Ground it Can Hit Opponents Up To 5 Times.

Molotov Cocktail

Tari Tries To Throw a Molotov Cocktail, But She Fails and it Becomes a Fire Trap. While it Can Hit Opponents, It Can Also Hurt Tari.


Tari Kicks a Soccerball, Hitting a Car And It Spawns a Tire, Burying any Hit Foe.

Up B - Super Jump Punch

Tari Jumps Up In The Iconic Mario Jump Pose.

Down B - Whack-A-Luigi Hammer

Tari Uses The Whack-A-Luigi Hammer, Which Seems To Be Spammable At First, But If Spammed Too Much Tari Will Accidently Hit Herself With The Hammer, Stunning Her.

Final Smash - Expert Mode

Tari Enters The Background and Pulls Out a Controller, Allowing Her To Control The Foe With The Least Damage For 15 Seconds (Ends Early if Tari SDs, However The Opponents Only Take 25% As Opposed To KOing Them)


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