Ted is a Character in Lawl Orbit
Ted 60



Ted Jumps Out Of The Bomb Shelter

Special Attack

Neutral B - Shotgun

Ted Fires His Shotgun Dealing Little Damage

Side B - Sweet Ride

Ted Rides On The Tank Or The Ice Cream Truck (Visual Difference Only) Ramming All Foes hit

Up B - Your Fate Remains Unknown

Ted Flies up On A Rocket Made By The Scientist

Down B - Scavenger

Ted Can Scavenge To Get Either

  1. A Soup Can Healing 5%
  2. A Flashlight That Summons Pancake Who Pounces In Front Of Him.Pancake is Invincible
  3. And Finally Ted Can Pull Out The Bug Poison Which Stuns Opponents hit

Final Smash - Raiders!

A Siren Announcing Raiders Is Heard Ted Hides In His Bunker while The Raiders Attack All On Screen


KOSFX 1: Ted Yells

KOSFX 2: The Sound Of A Soup Can hitting the Ground is Heard

Star KO: Ted Screams

Screen KO: Ted Looks confused as He Hits The Screen


Up: Ted flips A Burger

Side: Ted Plays the Harmonica

Down: Ted Pets Pancake

Victory Options

Failure Pose

Standard Attacks

All Use The Axe

Codec Call/Palutena's Guidance

Codec Call

Snake: Looks Like The Average Joe.

Otacon: This Is Ted. An Apocolypse Survivor.

Snake: Why is He Of All People Here?

Otacon: Maybe To Train To Take Out Raiders.

Snake: Fair Enough.

Otacon: He Also Is Known As a Great Chef. His Family Made A Holiday About A Particularly Great Barbecue

  • End Of Call*

Palutena's Guidance

Pit: Who Is This?

Palutena: This Is Ted. An Average Joe Known For Excellent Cooking Skills.

Viridi: He Likes To Use His Toys To Keep You Where He Wants to.

Palutena: He Can Take A Gamble And Scavenge As Well

Pit: Is That A Puppy?!

Viridi: Yes it is!

Palutena: Thats Pancake. Ted's Trusty Sidekick Through The Apocolypse.

Pit: If Ted's Here and Pancake's Here... Are The Rest Of His Family Here?

Palutena: In One Of His Victory Screens.

Viridi: SSSHHH!

  • End Of Guidance*

Classic Mode


Extra Stuff

Alternate Costumes

Victory Theme

Suburbia (End of Theme)


Ted's Home


Soup Can: Acts The Exact Same As When Ted Scavenges It


60 Seconds Melody


This is The Seventh Lawl Orbit Character

This Is The First 60 Seconds Character To Have A Moveset

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