The Destructinator
"Eliminate Timmy Turner"
"Eliminate Timmy Turner"
Universe Nickelodeon
Debut Fairy Odd Parents: Wishology
Appears in Collaterale1's Lawl
Friends Tabuu
The Eliminators
El Emissario
King Dedede
Enemies Every hero, especially Timmy Turner
Master Hand
Lawl Team Team Super Lawl

The Destructinator is the head Eliminator and the main antagonist of Wishology. He is the head of The Eliminators and The Darkness' former right hand man, in the game, he is the right hand man of El Emissario. He is voiced by Gary Sturgis in all three parts of Wishology.

Super Lawl

He's the leader of the Eliminators & member of The Subspace Army. The Desctructinator debuted in a cutscene of "Flight to the Finish" which John,Agito90,Cosmo,Timmy Turner & his friends fight the Eliminators.

The Mini Boss are a bunch of Eliminators you after beat them, after the battle The Desctructinator retreats with The Eliminators.

The Destructinator

The Desctructinator reappeares in "The Void" as the boss.

His attacks involves The Desctructinator shooting his fists over & over.

If you attack him, the projectile will get sucked by him, becomes stronger & pull out his new moves

After the first battle The Desctructinator actidentally asorbs The Eliminators & become him stronger & bigger, which leaves to his second form.

2nd Form

You will take control of Vic Viper, The Desctructinator arrives.

The Desctructinator's second form

His attacks are hurt like hell, he does a Giant Fist that damages you for 60%

He starts to shoots Rockets from his back that damages you for 37%

He has deadly attack where he starts to flying & then lands that damages you for 150%

& He starts to shoot a double Laser from his eyes that damages you for 72%

His weak spot is his body, you after shoot the missle before The Desctructinator shoots his double eye laser. Be sure to attack when he stops an attack.

After the battle Agito90 attach the bomb to The Desctructinator, Agito90 said "TASTE THE BOMB MOTHERFUCKER"  then activates the bomb & finally destroying him once and for all(with the Destructionator's last words being a loud dramatic "NOOOOO!" before exploding).

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