The Narrator Is a Lawl Orbit Fighter



The Narrator Hops Off The Word "Swag"


Narrator Is Stroongest When He's Zoning His Opponent And Rushing In For a KO When The Time is Right

Basic Attacks

Very Basic Mario Inspired Attacks Changed For Zoner Playstyle (I'm Limited Here OK?)


Neutral B - Swag Face

Narrator Sends Out a Swag Face That Stays In Place Until Someone Gets To Close, Making it Punch Forward. Also Works as a Platform For Only The Narrator

Side B - Swag Kart

Waluigi Rides Ahead, Stunning Opponents With His Swag, Allowing Narrator To Get In And Actually Get a KO

Up B - I'm The Upper Class

Narrator Makes a Very High Jump, Before Plummeting Down Without Entering Freefall

Down B - Wild Luigi Dolls

2 Wild Luigi Dolls Spawn In Front And Behind Of The Narrator, Attacking Anything Getting To Close For 10 Seconds

Final Smash - I Con(Troll) Your Life

Lyrics From The Narrator Rap Appear On Stage, Dealing Pretty Heavy Damage. Ends With A Giant Controller Falling On The Stage


1: "Oh Dear"

2: "Oh No."

Star KO: "AH H H H H H H H"

Screen KO: "Ah Fuck"


Up: "Bitch"

Side: "You See Me Bitching? No Just You Hater."

Down: "I Can't Even Stand You."

Victory Options

1: The Words Swag Appear

2: Steve Calls The Loser(s) Gay

3: "Mess With Me, I Mess With You. Bitch."

Failure Pose

Narrator Looks Pissed Off With The Word "Hater" Above Him

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