Character Description

Skipper, Kowalski, Rico & Private are the Penguins who appeared in the Madagascar Movies, and in their own spinoff franchise, The Penguins of Madagascar. Skipper is the head of the penguins, Kowalski makes the analysis for anything.

Skipper, Kowalski, Rico & Private
Universe Dreamworks
Debut Madagascar (2005)
Appears in YYPGuy17 Lawl

Super Smash Bros. Epic

Friends Alex the Lion
Enemies Dr. Blowhole
Lawl Team Team YTPGuy17

Team Epic


Special Moves

Neutral B (Skipper) - Bazooka

Skipper takes out a bazooka to fire an energy ball at the opponent. It causes the opponent to flinch.

Neutral B (Kowalski) - Analysis

Kowalski writes an analysis about the opponents. When the opponents attack him, he throws a sheet that is a trap.

Neutral B (Rico) - Item Spit

Rico spits some random items.

Neutral B (Private) - Amnesia Dust

Private picks up the amnesia dust. He sprays it to opponents to do an attack again.

Side B (Skipper) - Bomb Barrage

Skipper scatters bombs around the battlefield. It has a great knockback.

Side B (Kowalski) - Jiggles

Kowalski put on Jiggles. Jiggles will drain the opponent´s health off.

Side B (Rico) - Fish Slap

Rico uses a fish to slap opponents. Otherwise, when the fish got hit by a fire attack, it will become an edible piece of food.

Side B (Private) - Spinning Birdcatcher

Private spins around the stage, like a top. Going near him takes 40 % damage, like in Robbie Rotten´s Neutral B and I.M. Meen´s Side B.

Up B (All) - Soda Flight

The Penguins are taking out soda jetpacks. they shake the soda first to fly around the stage to attack opponents.

Down B (All) - Switch

Skipper switches out with Kowalski, the Rico, and then Private.

285px-Kowalski 2

Final Smash (All) - Next-o-Skeleton

The penguins are coming together to create the Next-o-Skeleton. The skeleton is attacking with punches, kicks, and laser Fires.

Neutral B - Skeleton Punch

This move is similar to Captain Falcon´s Neutral B.

Side B - Laser Shot

The skeleton shoots lasers from the eyes that can burn and stun opponents simultaneously.

Up B - Rocket

The skeleton flies around and throws rockets. It deals very high knockback.

285px-Rico 2

KO Sounds

KO Sound 1: "Ouch/Waah!/OW/NO

KO Sound 2: Argh/NO/WHAAH/Help!

Star KO Sound: WHAAAH (All)

Screen KO Sound: Ouch (All)


Victory Poses

Snake Codec

Kirby Hat

Gains beak and black-and-white colour.

285px-Private 2

WiiMote Sound

Skipper: "Cute and cuddly, boys!"

Kowalski: "Looks like a job for SCIENCE!"

Rico: Kaboom KABOOM!

Private: "I just think we should hear both sides. Is that so wrong?"

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