The Stanley Parable Narrator is the narrator for the game of the same name. A charming british man who is easily annoyed, but in the end just wants people to be happy.


Battle Intros

  • "3..2.....just go.
  • "This is a story about a man/woman named (Fighters Name)"
  • "Now, THIS is more exciting!"
  • "Welcome back to: Digital Sports!"
  • "The stage is set, everyone prepared?"

Battle Outros

  • "Times Up!"
  • "And (Fighters Name) was happy."
  • "And there you have it folks. Digital Sports!"
  • "Wait, you won? I really should have written some victory conditions, let me see....ah! Here's one! *ahem* Good.
  • "You feel that? What you're feeling right now? True happiness! I know, I can't believe it comes from winning either, but there you have it!"


  • "You should of listened to me."
  • "Oh. Good. You survived."
  • "Nope. Now it`s worse."
  • (Nervously)"(Fighter Name). A-Are you okay?"
  • "Well, you lost. You should know that I'm not angry, I'm just disappointed at how furious I am at you for losing."

Vs Boss

  • (As Female Narrator) "Push escape and press quit, there's no other way to beat this game!"
  • "Okay this time, let me offer a new piece of strategy:"
    • "Win."
    • "Go Outside."
  • "Not many people play this mode and your about to find out why."
  • "Holy shit!"
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