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Toon Dr. Mario
"I'm Dr. Mario & I'm in this game"
"I'm Dr. Mario & I'm in this game"
Universe Brentalfloss or Nintendo
Debut Dr. Mario with Lyrics
Appears in YTPGuy17's Smash Bros. Lawl
Friends Toon Mario(alter-ego)
Dr. House
Lydia Prower
Dr. Zoidberg
Bill Nye
Mama Luigi
Enemies Frollo
Micheal Jackson
Finn & Jake
Double D
The Darkness
Lawl Team Team YTPGuy17


The Doctor is In

Dr. Mario pops out a pill bottle on the battlefield singing "I am Dr. Mario!"

Special Attacks

Neutral B - Brightly Colored Pills

Dr. Mario throws different colored megavitamins. This move draws similarities to the Melee version, but with some tweaks. Most notably is that it is the second move to use spam prevention. Dr. Mario starts out with 4 megavitamins, and he gains more over time. If B is held, he uses the pills in a widespread barrage in front of him. He can hold up to 10. If he's holding 10 and holds B, he throws a literal megavitamin, which is about the same size as him. It does 4 times the damage of a regular megavitamin. Also, Dr. Mario throws the megavitamins forward, whereas in Melee, he throws the megavitamins downward and it bounces.

Side B - High Fives

Dr. Mario prescribes a high-five. This move is very similar to the Falcon Punch, except it's faster and gives less damage. It can also reflect projectiles and knock away shield items. This move is actually powerful enough to use as a smash attack due to it's high knockback.

Up B - Stethoscope

Dr. Mario uses his stethoscope in a move similar to the Pikmin Chain. It can grab opponents or ledges. Press B once the stethoscope grabs somebody and Dr. Mario will listen to their heartbeat for half a second. If he says "Good!" your melee attacks will gain a temporary advantage. If he says "I'm wrong", he'll let the opponent go.

Down B - Crabs

Dr. Mario sends out a Sidestepper. Sidesteppers can fall off ledges, and turn around if it bumps into a wall. If a sidestepper gets close enough to an opponent, it will follow him/her horizontally. If no opponent is near the sidestepper, it will keep walking until it falls off the stage.

Final Smash - Diagnosis

Dr. Mario pulls out a magnifying glass and does a "diagnosis" on an opponent, chosen at random. Dr. Mario and the opponent do a line from the song (see below), and Dr. Mario diagnosis the opponent with Human papillomavirus (HPV), which drains the opponent's health constantly. The only "cure" is for the opponent to get KO'd or use his/her/its Final Smash. Food will still have the same effect, but will be useless because the damage will still be drained.


KOSFX1: "--ood!"

KOSFX2: "Uh!"


Screen KOSFX: "Bah--!"


Up: *laughs*

Sd: "I'm the finest doc by far!"

Dn: "I am Dr. Mario and I am saving lives!"

Victory Options+Failure/Clap

1. *adjusts his tie and presents Dr. Mario for the NES*

2. *kicks forward in a fancy suit and top hat as he twirls a thermometer cane*

3. *dances a jig*

Failure/Clap: Diagnosis error

Standard Attacks


Snake Codec


Character Description


Classic Mode





  • So far, he is only shown using his Final Smash on SpongeBob and Toon Mario.
  • YTPguy mentioned that he was going to use Toon Dr. Mario's final smash to every character. He may also use characters from other lawlers if they give him permission. Same could be said with Toon Mario's Neutral B.
  • Toon Dr. Mario's entire name appeared in Cd-i Link's moveset, before then his name was only Dr. Mario. He is one of the three characters to have their names changed, the other two being Orange as Annoying Orange and MJ as Michael Jackson in Bill Nye's moveset.
  • He is the youngest character in YTPguy's lawl because the video "Dr. Mario With Lyrics" was made in Nov 11, 2009. 


Fatality One: Toon Dr. Mario pulls out a flu shot, saying "Hmm...we're going to need a lot of flu shots in order to get rid of this irritating dumb person out of here so we can finally complete the mission." He calls in a doctor. "Hey, you think you can handle this?" ask Toon Dr. Mario. The doctor has a idea. He has two flu shots. The opponent wants to destroy the doctor. But the doctor puts both of his fly shots right into the two eyes of Toon Dr. Mario's opponent. The opponent was screaming bad, and he/she can not see a thing. Toon Dr. Mario calls in a lot of doctors. "All right, it's about time" says Toon Dr. Mario. Every doctor uses a flu shot to point at Toon Dr. Mario's opponent. "NOW!" began Toon Dr. Mario. All doctors shoot a brunch of flu shots at Toon Dr. Mario's opponent. Blood was shooting and poring out of his opponent. His oppoent was screaming more terrible, but he/she falls to the floor. Toon Dr. Mario's opponent was finally dead.

Fatality Two: Toon Dr. Mario uses his two flu shots and he stabs his opponent's neck. He then uses his giant doctor sword to slice his opponent's hip, saying "Good day to enjoy your cut off life. Now, go see the Hell!"



Smash Bros Movesets-Toon Dr. Mario

"If you get the moveset widespread from your cousin Steve, just play as Dr. Mario!"