Toon Egoraptor
Egoraptor by toon e-d5s88k7.png
Universe Real Life

Game Grumps Animated

Debut Game Grumps
Appears in Game Grumps Animated
Friends Danny




Enemies N/A
Lawl Team Unknown


The Next Daneration: Melts from a block of Ice.

Special Moves

B: Ice Hair

This transforms Egoraptor into "Ice Egoraptor". Pressing B will cause him to fire a shard of Ice which freezes the enemy. This drains there health for around 10 seconds.

Side B: This is a robbery!

Egoraptor suddenly gets a gun and a hankerchief tied around his mouth. Pressing B Side makes him fire the gun and anyone hit by the bullet get`s damaged. Randomly generated amount of damage every time, but the more you use it the weaker it gets.

Up B: Wheel of Fortune/LOOSE A TURN!!!

The wheel appears and Ego spins it. This causes him to fly up and land on the nearest platform. Damage is caused to anyone that stands in it`s way.

Down B: Macaroni?

Egoraptor picks up a tin of "Macaroni!" which he can place down. Like Jake`s 3D printed mine, it triggers when anyone (Including Egoraptor Himself) steps on it. It drains there health for around 30 seconds or untill you can pick and eat some food.

Final Smash: Dennis the Menace! Get Outta Here!

The stage suddenly becomes a game stage and In this episode, Danny and Arin create a song about Mr. Wilson (at 14:30) and another about pausing the video game to create a trance-like song (at 16:20). Mr. Wilson Comes Out And Grabs Opponents And Never Let's Go.

Lyrics: "My name is Mr. Wilson and I'm here to say, I'm gonna smack your ass in a major way! What are ya doin' in my basement? Get outta here! ... GET OUTTA HERE!"

K.O Sounds

K.O 1: F!@# You!

K.O 2:  NO!

Star K.O: Godamit Ross!

Screen K.O: Ice!


Up Taunt: 1,2,3,4! I got Ice Hair!

Down Taunt: This is a robbery!

Side Taunt: What about my comedy?


Option 1: Danny: I think your animation keeps getting better and better and better! Ego:And what about my comedy? Danny:...Eh.

Option 2: "Yo what`s up old man?"

Option 3: "F!@#ing Protoman said we should just go to the forest..."

Failure: Gives a WTF face.

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