Toon Jigglypuff
Universe Nintendo
Cartoon Network
Debut Pokémon
Appears in Smash Bros. Lawl Galaxy (asst. trophy)
Friends Yumi
Lydia Prower
Jiggly (Moemon counterpart)
Enemies Steven Star
Jon Watson (for making a fake account)
Lawl Team Team Galaxy

Asst. Trophy Actions

When summoned, Jigglypuff will sing her lullaby to the competition. Like in the anime and the games, the diddy will cause the competition to go into a deep slumber. Unlike the original Smash Bros. and Smosh moveset counterparts, she'll get pissed off that the competition dozed off at her own concert. She'll then draw on the nearest opponent's face, which will cause other opponents to laugh at the sleeper's humiliation when approaching up to him/her. If Jigglypuff gets hit by a projectile, she'll stop her song and then bail early, similar to Demyx.


  • She is the cutest Pokémon in the series.
  • This version of Jigglypuff could be the shiny version.
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