Toon Rick is from Bushworld Adventures. He is an Australian scientist who travels bushwack dimensions with his grandson in order to get his cube in Bendigo.


Neutral B (Witchetty Grub): Toon Rick throws a Witchetty Grub. Can be thrown in 8 directions. Latches onto opponent for 3-5 seconds while dealing minimal damage.

Side B (Car): Toon Rick hops in his car and drives forward.

Up B (Gun Propulsion): Toon Rick shoots his gun below him, pushing him upward. Holding the button will extend the charge up of the move, but will result in flying much higher once released.

Down B (Counter): Toon Rick counters

Final Smash: Getting Petrol

Toon Rick slashes forward with his car key, providing massive horizontal range. If caught, Toon Rick shoves a gas pump down the opponent's mouth before realizing he's using diesel and punching them with his big strong muscles out of rage.


Toon Rick's Down Taunt

Up Taunt: Toon Rick throws a cigarette in the air, quickly chugging a bottle of beer and smashing it as he catches the cig in his mouth and huffs.

Side Taunt: Toon Rick turns to the screen and violently screams "GIMME DA CUBE!!!!" while making grabbing motions with his hands.

Down Taunt: Toon Rick gets on one knee and pumps his fists up. Says "Yaay"

Costume Alts

Toon Morty Alt

Summer Alt

Beth Alt

Storeclerk Alt

Dougie Alt

Uncle Barry Alt

Charlene Alt

Stage: The Bloody Bush Dimension


Hazards: The Venomous Snake may leap out and insta-kill fighters at high percent. Dougie may also show up and summon a portal that teleports you to the Blast Zone.


Bushworld Adventures Main Theme (Remix)

Assist Trophies

Car Barry: Drives back and forth across the stage. Hits people in the way/carries them upward at high percents.

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