Toon Sagat
"You like some cornflakes?"


Street Fighter TV Series

Appears in

Smash Bros. Lawl


Guertana Gallery

Fought by

Ib and Toon Guile

Role in SSE

Toon Sagat is a close member from the Shadaloo. He assists Toon Bison in the Subspace Army. He helps Toon Bison escapes by attacking Toon Guile and Ib with his favorite food cornflakes. The player must knock the Korn Flakes out of his hands, where he will be open for attack. Once defeated, he runs offscreen, saying "You wait..."


Sagat attacks by juggling two boxes of Korn Flakes cereal. In this stance, he is invulnerable to attack. He attacks by jumping across the stage (while yelling "TIGER!") and shooting Korn Flakes out of the... Korn Flakes.

HP and damage taken

HP ValuesVery EasyEasyNormalHardVery HardIntense
Guertana Gallery 198 235 264 278 290 325
NormalSlashElectricFreezingFireGrassWaterDarknessAuraSpecials: DirectSpecials: Indirect
Damage Taken×0.7×0.8×0.7×2.5×0.3×0.5×0.5×0.5×0.7×0.7×0.5

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