Toon Starfire
Teen titans starfire by icha icha-d5agtdr
Universe DC Nation
Cartoon Network
Debut Teen Titans
Appears in Smash Bros. Lawl Galaxy
Super Smash Royal Destruction
Friends Sandvich33 (his favorite out of all 5 titans)
Robin (boyfriend)
Toon Raven
Beast Boy
Solty Revant
Anime SpongeBob
SpongeBob SquarePants
Rex Salazar
PowerPuff Girls
PowerPuff Girls Z
Sailor Moon
Danny Vasquez
Ruby Rose
Panty & Stocking
Klaus Baudelaire
Hello Kitty
Dr. Who
Hatsune Miku
Mina Majikina
Rosa Anarchy
Ultimate Spider-Man
George L. Anarchy
Enemies Crypto
Darth Vader
Dark Helmet
Any girl flirting with Robin
Blackfire (evil sister)
Starfire (Teen Titans GO!)
The Darkness
Lawl Team Team Galaxy
Team Royal Destruction


Back from Vacation

Starfire flies in with some luggages and drops them off as she glides down to the battlefield. The luggages then disappear.

Special Attacks

Neutral B - Starbolts

Starfire makes a pair of starbolts (one in each hand of course). While they are out, the direction they are shot depends on where you move the analog stick. A tilt shoots them in an arc, a tap shoots them straight. She can shoot one at a time. While they're out, you can also press B again to fuse them together and throw a starbolt twice the size and power of the starbolts she's formed. The power of the starbolts when they're not fused into one depends on how confident Starfire is. Similar to Derek's Fashion, her confidence doesn't build up over time. Unlike it, she can't build it up by performing methods of getting around. Instead, she can gain confidence upon performing standard attacks. The more damage dealt, the higher up her confidence goes. Attacks at her will decrease her confidence, and the amount of confidence depends on how much damage is dealt to her. If you think that's the only way she can gain confidence, think again! She can also gain confidence by KO-ing and defeating opponents in battle. Same goes for when she sees her teammates do so in tag-team mode. If she catches sight of an opponent deliberately doing an act of self-harm, she doesn't get or lose confidence unless the character's a joke character. If her teammate's a joke character, there will be immense worry, obviously decreasing her confidence. She can also gain confidence from bizarre mecahnics of opponents under the "boss" tech. Let's say J.J. hires Starfire. If he gives crap reviews for photos, she'll obviously lose confidence. If she gets rehired by him or even given good reviews for her photography, she'll become more confident (no, it won't matter if she makes the front page for the Daily Bugle). If she gets the combustable lemon, her confidence reverts back to where it was before she became employed. Her confidence can also be increased by men's turn-ons. A perfect example would be when Alex Goot sings "We Could Love" to Starfire when she's near the sound waves. There is of course an overall limit to the power of her starbolts, so her confidence will inexplicably drop down to 0% upon the use of them.

Side B - Star Liar

Starfire tells the nearest opponent a certain lie. This causes the opponent to lose defense, taking 1.75x more damage and knockback due to immense depression of something. If she fibs to a CPU in tag-team mode about the opponent's teammates, the CPU will want to kill that teammate of his/hers. If she lies about someone's friend to a duo, he/she will switch to the other teammate, leaving that chap unable to switch out for 3 minutes of until he/she is KO'd. Over time, Starfire will start to feel guilty, which slows down her boost of confidence. It'll slow down her attack speed every 30 seconds. The only way to stop it is if to tell the truth the same way you bluffed. You can only lie to 1 player at a time.

Up B - Happy Thoughts

Starfire will fly around by thinking happy thoughts like she instructed Raven to do in an episode of Teen Titans. As she goes upward, she slows down. As she goes down, she speeds up. You can't exactly become a live bullet upon going at an exact amount of speed. However, that doesn't mean you can't bring on some offense. Pressing B makes Starfire shoot starbolts that don't rely on her confidence to be at an exact amount of power. Upon holding R, she'll use her laser vision, which shall do as much as R.O.B.'s eye beam. She'll stop flying if she's hit, crashes into someone/something, or if you press A.

Down B - Mustard

Starfire gets out a jar of mustard. While it's out, she's limited to steadily moving around and doing single jumps. There are basically 2 things you can do with the mustard: Pressing A makes her throw the mustard. The yellow condiment can burn people's eyes if it gets on their faces, along with reversing controls. If it lands on the ground, it'll obviously become a slip trap. Pressing and holding B on the other hand makes her put a straw in the jar and drink it like a beverage. This not only heals her the longer she drinks it, but it can also boost her confidence. There is a limit, however. Press down+B to put away the yellow, tangy condiment. While it's away, it'll inexplicably refill.

Final Smash - Intense Rage

Starfire will first start to say "No problemo, huh?" and then point out that there is indeed a huge problemo for the next 30 seconds. Her eyes then glow green and a green field of energy will form, stunning the onscreen competition that dares to approach it. While she's pissed off, you can press B to make her form glowing snowballs, which can be thrown in a direction you tap the analog stick in while holding the B button. The snowballs do twice the damage of Hank Hill's baseballs and can be grouped up to throw bigger and more powerful ones. Near the end of this, she'll let out a huge scream, stunning all onscreen and then knocking them out of the park.


KOSFX1: "No!"

KOSFX2: "My hair!"

Star KOSFX: *screams*

Screen KOSFX: "Ooh!"


Up: "You are a clorbag valblernelk!"

Sd: *has some cotton candy* "Ooh! It vanished!"

Dn: "Leave my friends alone!"

Victory Options+Failure/Clap

1. strikes the victory pose she did when she beat the DDR/Guitar Hero hybrid in Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo

2. wipes the screen like in a TT bumper

3. Galfore: "All hail Empress Starfire!"

4. (after a teammate wins the fight for her) "I shall thank you for my rescue by reciting the poem of gratitude. All 6,000 verses."

Failure/Clap: Cries to herself

Standard Attacks


Snake Codec


Character Description


Classic Mode


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