Universe Tsuburaya
Debut Ultraman (1966-1967)
Appears in Smash bros lawl EX
Friends Ishamie Tarker
Zone fighter
Greg heffley
Haruhi Suzumiya
Hatsune Miku
The Super Baxter
Rei Ayanami
Japanese Spider-Man
Shinya Arino
BND mask of guo xiang

Scanty & Kneesocks
Irate Gamer
Joueur Du Grenier
Gary Bettman
Carlos Trejo
Ultraman Belial

Lawl Team EX


Standard B- Ultra Attack Beam

Ultraman fires his Ultra Attack Beam at the opponents, dealing them 8% damage, the beam still goes on when the opponent attacks Ultraman while he is using his Beam

Side B- Ultra Slash

Ultraman throws a Ultra Slash Saw at the opponents, dealing the opponents 5% damage, when a opponent is running the saw follows the opponent and the saw hits the opponents

Up B- Flight

Ultraman leaps up of the air to fly to ledges, you can only fly for 10 seconds but you have to wait 20 seconds to use it again, if a projectile attacks Ultraman while flying the move gets cancelled

Down B- ???


Final Smash- Spacicum Ray

Ultraman's button starts beeping, then Ultraman shoots his Spacicum ray the opponent, dealing them 50% damage when the opponent gets hit by it and possibly a instant Star KO if the opponents health bar is more then 100% health

KO Sounds

KO Sound 1:

KO Sound 2:

Star KO 1:

Screen KO:


Down Taunt:

Side Taunt:

Up Taunt:

Winning Options/Lose Pose

Option 1: flys up in the air

Option 2:

Option 3:

Losing pose: lay's down on the ground

Other Attacks


Character Description

Ultraman (ウルトラマン, Urutoraman, Ultraman?), also called the original Ultra Man, was the first Ultra ever to visit Earth, and defended it against aliens and monsters, and has used the name of his race as his soldier name. He is among the first five members of the Ultra Brothers. His visit to Earth caused the death of Shin Hayata, who Ultraman combined his life force with and became his human host. He's also the main character in the series. Ultraman is sometimes incorrectly named Ultraman Hayata.


Rise Up

Ultraman rises up on stage to fight

Role in Subspace Emissary


Snake Codec



  • He was known for many spinoffs of Ultraman (Ex: Zone Fighter)
  • He is also known as Ultraman Hayata

Classic Mode


Moveset Theme

Ultraman Theme Song




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