aka Aaron "Paul" Hancock Jr.

  • I live in Depths of Mementos
  • I was born on April 7
  • My occupation is A member of the UAC
  • I am a male Fox/Rabbit hybrid
P5 Morgana Chain Chronicle

Hey, welcome to my user page. :3

I'm might going to work on Smash Bros Lawl Forever, which is inspired by every lawl possible. Well, all of the lawls expect any of Autina A's lawls, and Smash Bros Guy 2019/BFDI Gamer 2018's Super Smash Bros Lawl Stomp. So I need some help like, find some pictures for different characters that I've want to add.

Here's my first "5" characters to add to my lawl:

  1. Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde (Zootopia)
  2. Morgana (Persona 5)
  3. Goro Akechi (Persona 5)
  4. Sento Kiryu (Kamen Rider Build)
  5. Armor Hero Dragon Man (Armor Hero:Legend of Light and Shadow)

If you have any images, sent me a message, I'll get them as soon as possible.

My favorite pages

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