aka Richard Adamson

  • I live in Missouri
  • I was born on August 10
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
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My lawl version

Hi I am Richard 100, I am a college student, who does this stuff during my spare time, I am the creator of Smash Bros Lawl United.

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The Most Awesome Thing Ever!

My favorite Lawls

My favorite Movesets

Things I Like

  • The Frollo Show (But who dosent.)
  • Britcoms (Stuff like Keeping up appearances, doc martin, Stuff like that.)
  • Cartoons like word girl, and Arthur and stuff like that.
  • Yugioh and Yugioh Abriged (What, I like the series.)
  • Death Note (Haven't seen it all, but like what he has seen.
  • Attack On Titan. (Ditto with death note.)
  • Downton Abbey (What, I like the Unpredictability of the series.)
  • BBC's Sherlock (An Awesome Reboot.)
  • The Big Bang Theory (Sheldon FTW.)
  • AVGN (Again, Who Dosent.)
  • Pokemon (Haven't seen the series in years, Still play the games, however.)
  • Bootleg Games (Guilty Pleasure.)
  • Goanimate Vids (Guilty Pleasure.)
  • The Mysterious Mr. Enter (Mostly Because We have something in common, Can you guess what?)
  • RebelTaxi (Mostly becuse he's Funny and Accually Cares.)
  • Vinesause (Very Funny Stream.)
  • Sonic Franchise (In spite of misfires, It has a story one can get behind.)
  • Dragon ball Franchise (Will Always Have a special place in my heart.)
  • TFS DBZ Abridged (Very Funny re-dub of above.)
  • MUGEN (I Like the game, And what it can do.)
  • Steve Jobs (Awesome Guy, and an Inspiration)
  • Music of all types. (Except For Acid Rock, and Scremo)
  • Fan Fiction (Mostly Because I Like Writing It.)
  • Logo's (For The Win)
  • Mario (Who Dosen't)
  • Playstation All Stars (Pretty Much The best clone of smash bros ever.)
  • Smash Bros (Again Who Dosent.)

Things I Don't Like.

  • The Color Crew (Look It Up.)
  • When People Are Jerks for no reason to each other
  • ILAR's Video Moveset's (Seriously There awful.)


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