I will be adding a list of characters you can vote for. Comment a character for voting.


You can vote as many times as you want but only once per pair of characters.

Papa Louie Arcade

  • Marty or Rita
  • Mitch or Alberto
  • Prudence or Trishna
  • Cooper or Hank
  • Timm or Cecilia or Quinn
  • Janana or Cherisa
  • Peggy or Allan
  • Taylor or Franco
  • Wally or Cletus
  • Matt or Tony
  • Rico or Rhonda
  • Greg or Sasha or Olivia
  • Robby or Captain Cory
  • Xandra or Xolo
  • Rudy or Scarlet
  • Hacky Zak or Ember
  • Emmlete or Mayor Mallow
  • Ripley or Cameo
  • Sarge Fan or Radlyn or LePete
  • Nevada or Skyler
  • Sienna or Ivy
  • Gremmie or Akari
  • Edna or Chester
  • Tohru or Utah
  • Little Edoardo or Gino Romano
  • Bruna Romano or Carlo Romano
  • Scooter or Wylan B
  • Hope or Yui
  • Steven or Elle
  • Kahuna or Deano
  • Iggy or Hugo
  • Shannon or Duke Gotcha
  • Pinch Hitwell or Kenji
  • Vicky or Mindy
  • Lisa or Conner
  • Moe or Indigo
  • Guy Mortadello or The Sudeasaurus
  • Pizza Monster or Burgerzilla
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