Hey guys, Servbot here. You know, the guy who's making you wait 3 years for a Lawl spinoff? Well I've got an update that isn't suprising?

Everyone in the world: "Revengeance is dead again?"

Well, yes and no.

I tried creating the video for Plumber Mario in Vegas, but it's really hard to use when you don't know what you're doing. So I had to give up and try something else.

But then this video came around:

Smash Bros Lawl Game - Beta test pt

Smash Bros Lawl Game - Beta test pt. 5

See? I was right about the character creation thing!

Then I realized; I can create my characters still, but in the fangame! And on the plus side, people can actually PLAY WITH THEM!

So now, Smash Bros Lawl Revengeance will be a part of the Smash Bros Lawl fangame (nonoffically). Since it'll be a long time since the game is actually released, I want to get started early on my first character, Plumber Mario. Now, since my photo editing skills aren't too good, and I've barely gotten started on his A moves, I'm sending a call out to anyone who wants to help contribute to making Smash Bros Lawl Revengeance a reality! If you want to help me with move ideas, sprites, animations, and anything else, feel free to say in the comments below! :D

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