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  • I live in U.S.A (Formally Japan)
  • My occupation is Starting to see the bright side again. ^w^
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  • Stocking Rose

    Before you ask, no I will not stop making Movesets and Atrocities/Admirables. But the reason I'm asking everyone if I should leave the world of wikia is cause of this bastard, but not only that, the following something take his side in think i'm this shitstain Watson.

    • User:TheStarman
    • User:The Masked Pope
    • User:King the Mimiga
    • User:John.mitchell.9210256
    • User:SapphireAirship
    • User:AwesomeSeaCucumber

    That mostly feel like most or half the people in this wiki who accused me of being Watson, and to think they were be trusted till this point. Is even worst when Starman gone too far and post that Scary Maze Exocist Woman on my background of every wikis I go to, bringing back my childhood nightmare. I can't even sleep well knowing that's gonna continue hau…

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  • Stocking Rose


    October 3, 2014 by Stocking Rose

    Hello everyone, and this might sound crazy, but I might be slow on some days (Not Friday or Saturday casue....afterall, i got work to do) mostly cause of a very, very, very halarious game I saw online called Sanicball (or for most people pronounce it SANICBALL). The game includeds the following characters

    • Sanic (The FASTEST Version of Sonic the Hedgehog)
    • Knackles (The MANIEST Version of Knuckles)
    • Taels (The SMRTEST Version of Tails )
    • Ame Roes (The LOVIEST Version of Amy Rose)
    • Shedew (The BADASS Version of Shadow the Hedgehog)
    • Roge da Bat (The CHIBI Version of Rouge the Bat)
    • Asspio (The Other BADASS Version of Espio)
    • Big Da Cat (The FAT Version of Big the Cat)
    • Dr. Aggmen (The EGG Version of Dr. Eggman)
    • Chermy Bee (The TINY Version of Charmy Bee)
    • Sulve…
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  • Stocking Rose

    For Info of the Episode: Click Here

    The Episode of American Dad is about the Ass-of-the-Family Roger the Ailen, Who found a love life with a Space Fur name Qurchhhh, but get tired of her and try to turn her in to the CIA. I ask if I should have a problem with it cause of these Reason

    • I kinda like Qurchhhh.
    • This is the only time Roger haven't been at his worst(until the 2nd Half when He's try to turn her in.)
    • This mostly center one long story(Like Lost in Space) instead of one main story that ruined the 2nd side-story(like in Failiure is not a Factory-Installed Option).
    • This is the 2nd Episode I know of where the Opening get fucked up by Roger(Even when I dislike him, A Ruined Introduction always get me a laugh.)

    • Roger is back to being hated from…

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  • Stocking Rose

    While I'm doing Zach King(Which will take a While since I forgot to plan it yesterday), I think that after my Animation Atrocites on An Incident at Owl Creek (American Dad), I might do either One or Two Animation Atrocities and/or Animation Admiration I got planned. You got 3 Votes on Each Review(3 Atrocities and 3 Admiration) and only 2 of them will be reviewed next. The Rest will pushed back abit and reviewed later on.

    • Mr. Pickle (The Show Entiry) - 2 Vote(s)
      • Reason: This show is Ugly and UnGodly. It mostly make Xavier the Regarding Angel more Watchable.
    • The Flower (Amazing World of Gumball) - 3 Vote(s)
      • Reason: This is mostly one of the 4 Episode I dispised. I won't tell the other 2(since you know The Robot is one of them) but this will show…

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  • Stocking Rose

    Well Panty got me playing this Marvel Ulitmate Alliance 2 Game that she won't let me take a break from so I figure the more I play the story, The more I got the Ideas of something similer to this. So I agreed to make this list of Who will best fit these Roles

    Characters that not let decided.

    • Cpend7
    • Bubbyaustin
    • Agito90
    • Steven Star
    • Stocking
    • Panty
    • Lili
    • Sandvich33
    • RobertoftheNerds
    • Lydia Prower
    • Masked Pope
    • Jack the Hedgehog
    • Patricia the Skunk

    These are the team of Heroes that work for Stark and S.H.E.I.l.D under the Superhuman Registration Act.

    • Liu Kang (Leader)
    • Kitana (Co-Leader)
    • Kilik (Co-Leader)
    • Amy Rose
    • Cream the Rabbit
    • Sally Acorn
    • Bunnie Rabbot
    • Oleg
    • Cyrus Temple
    • Mina Majikina
    • Red
    • Princess Bubblegum
    • Lemongrab
    • Akiko
    • Leela
    • Amy Wong
    • Pan
    • Erika
    • Dawn
    • May
    • Xianghua
    • Josuke Higashikata
    • C…

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