Vivi Ornitier
Universe Final Fantasy
Debut Final Fantasy IX
Appears in Super 'Net Bros. Replay
Friends NeoLordKefka
Enemies Kefka
Lawl Team Unknown


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Special Attacks

Neutral B - Staff

Vivi will get out one of various staves and use a Black Magic attack. The likelihood of each staff type is completely random. Holding B down will put away the staff Vivi currently has out. The various staves and their effects are:

  • Mage's Staff (Fire): If Vivi gets out a Mage's Staff, he will launch various small fireballs when B is tapped. Each fireball does 5-8% of damage.
  • Flame Staff (Fira or Sleep): If Vivi gets out a Flame Staff, he will either create a stream of fire that deals 5% of damage per second ot those who are hit by it, or he will put the nearest enemy to sleep for 5-15 seconds. If Vivi uses Fira, the stream of fire will be smaller after prolonged use, similar to Bowser or Charizard in Brawl.
  • Ice Staff (Blizzara or Slow): If Vivi gets out an Ice Staff, he will either launch an ice projectile that deals 10% of damage and freezes whatever enemy is touches, or he will slow down the nearest enemy for 5-15 seconds.
  • Lightning Staff (Thundara or Poison): If Vivi gets out a Lightning Staff, he will either call down a lightning bolt that does 10-15% of damage or poison the nearest enemy for 5-15 seconds. The poison deals 1% of damage per second.
  • Oak Staff (Stop, Bio, or Drain): If Vivi gets out an Oak Staff, he will stop the enemies in time for 5 seconds, poison all enemies for 5-15 seconds, or leech 15% of health from the nearest enemy.
  • Cypress Pile (Demi, Break, or Comet): If Vivi gets out a Cypress Pile, he will increase all enemies' weights for 5 seconds, bury all enemies, or launch a small comet forward that deals 15% of damage.
  • Octagon Rod (Firaga, Blizzaga, or Thundaga): If Vivi gets out an Octagon Rod, he will launch a large fireball that deals 20% of damage, create a stream of ice that deals 15% of damage and freezing, or create a stream of electricity that deals 25% of damage.
  • High Mage Staff (Meteor or Osmose): If Vivi gets out a High Mage Staff, he will either launch a meteor forward that deals 20-30% of damage or leech 20% from the nearest enemy.

Side B - Death

A mysterious reaper appears and will inflict a timer on a random opponent. This timer will count down from 30. When it hits 0, 20-30% of damage will be dealt. If the selected enemy makes contact with another character, the timer will be passed to them without starting over. Vivi can be affected by this factor.

Up B - Water

Vivi will create a pulse of water that boosts himself upwards. Anyone hit by the water takes no damage, but is forced downwards if contact with the water is made in the air.

Down B - Fire Storm

Vivi readies a barrier of ifre as long as Down B is held. When Down B is released, the fire barrier does 15-20% of damage to anyone who touches it. If Down B is held too long, Vivi will take 10% of damage when Down B is released.

Final Smash - Mace of Zeus

Vivi will get out the Mace of Zeus, which will begin his use of Doomsday. Vivi will then retreat to a nearby airship, then fly off. Any opponents left behind will be OHKO'd, as Vivi and anyone else who goes with him end up on a new stage. If there are 4 players, there is room for Vivi and two others. If 3, then Vivi and one other. If 2, then just Vivi.




Star KO Sound: 

Screen KO Sound: 


Up Taunt: 

Side Taunt: 

Down Taunt: 

Victory Options & Failure/Clap

Victory Option 1: 

Victory Option 2: 

Victory Option 3: 


Classic Mode Win and Loss Poses


Congratulations and Game Over Pictures


Character Description


Other Attacks:

Basic Attacks:

  • A-A-A Combo: ???
  • Dash Attack: ???

Tilt Attacks:

  • Side Tilt: ???
  • Up Tilt: ???
  • Down Tilt: ???


  • Side Smash: ???
  • Up Smash: ???
  • Down Smash: ???

Aerial Attacks: 

  • Neutral Air: ???
  • Up Air: ???
  • Down Air: ???
  • Forward Air: ???
  • Backward Air: ???

Grabs and Throws:

  • Grab: ???
  • Pummel: ???
  • Forward Throw: ???
  • Backward Throw: ???
  • Up Throw: ???
  • Down Throw: ???


  • Ledge Attack: ???
  • 100% Ledge Attack: ???
  • Front Attack: ???
  • Back Attack: ???
  • Trip Attack: ???

Pros and Cons


  • Due to the variety of Vivi's Neutral B, he is both versatile and unpredictable.
  • Vivi has one of the largest attack ranges of any character.
  • Vivi's Final Smash is guaranteed to KO at least one character.


  • Vivi's size and weight means that he could practically be flown around the field like a ragdoll.
  • Vivi has below average defense and speed.



Victory Theme:


Kirby Hat:

Vivi's hat and facial features

Exclusive Stickers:





Wii Remote Sound:


Classic Mode:

Normal Run:


DLC Run:


Snake Codec:


Role in Story Mode:

The Lulzspace Emissary:


Total Shutdown:



Colors and Costumes:



  • Vivi is the only Final Fantasy character in Super 'Net Bros. Replay that hasn't been in a Dissidia Final Fantasy game.
    • No, Theatrhythm doesn't count.


Super 'Net Bros

Super 'Net Bros. Replay - Vivi

Vivi's Moveset

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