Waddle Doo
Sblg waddle doo
Universe Nintendo
Debut Kirby's Dreamland
Appears in Smash Bros. Lawl Galaxy
Friends Buzzy Beetle (bro in Classic Mode W)
Bandana Dee
King Dedede
Commander Peepers
Enemies Magolor
The Darkness
Lawl Team Team Galaxy


Parasol Descend

Waddle Doo floats down to the battlefield with his parasol.

Special Attacks

Neutral B - Beam Whip

Waddle Doo shoots a Beam that swipes down. The beam does minor knockback and rapidly stuns the opponent, making this ideal for racking up damage. You can also manage to aim the beam in the desired direction you wish for it to sweep in, which is mainly upward, making it ideal for juggling. You can hold down B to charge up how fast the beam will swipe. The faster it goes, the longer it stuns the opponent in one hit. In the air, this works as an averagely strong meteor smash.

Side B - Beam Shot

Waddle Dee shoots the beam as a projectile blast. You can hold down B with the analog stick pointed forward to charge up the beam. Depending on how much you charge it up, it does more knockback, but the shot still deals the same amount of damage with the exception of the small shots. The other charged up shots deal twice as much damage as the puny key lime green ones, but each charge does more knockback than the last. A full charge can also bring solid projectiles to go at half the speed. You can keep the current level of charge like Samus' Plasma Shots, but the fully-charged ones can't be contained.

Up B - Parasol

Waddle Doo gets out a parasol. On land, this can be used as a battering item. It mostly works like the item in Melee. When the parasol is opened, it can block oncoming attacks, dealing half as much damage as usual. However, this leaves it vulnerable to fire attacks, burning it and leaving the skeleton. It still does as much damage as before, but it's useless for recovery purposes. When the parasol is ditched, Waddle Doo has to wait 30 seconds before he can get another one out. When he gets it out in the air, it'll work similar to Peach's parasol, except upon moving down, he releases the parasol. Anyone nearby will have the parasol following them for 10 seconds. Flame attacks and projectiles should do the trick. Upon direct contact with anything solid, the opponent included, it'll combust like in most Kirby games that include the parasol.

Down B - Anime Captain

Waddle Doo straps on a sword and releases it from his scabbard. He also gains a new moveset in this form:

Neutral B - Spearmen, At the Ready!

Waddle Doo signals for 3 Waddle Dees to arm their spears, making 3 Waddle Dees appear with spears at the ready. During this, you can control the angle and distance the spears travel in with the c-stick. Press B again to signal for the Dees to throw their spears. If the sharp ends of the spears hit any solid terrain, aside from light platforms since the spears will go through them, they can be pulled out and used as throwing items with the control scheme of throwing them being the same as Leonidas' spear throw. If anyone hits the armed Waddle Dees from anywhere but above, they lose their spears.

Side B - Charge!

Waddle Doo commands a single trooper to charge forth. A soldier goes at twice the throwing distance Olimar's Pikmins fly. Like the Pikmins, when a Waddle Dee makes direct contact with an opponent, he latches on and hits him at a rapid rate, with its stubby hands dealing 1% damage per hit. You can also command more than one to charge at the enemy head first. You can command up to 5 to charge at the enemy. The more Waddle Dees latched onto a single player, the more damage gets racked up. This also manages to weigh the player down. Press B to call back the army.

Up B - Bounce!

Waddle Doo commands two Waddle Dees to lift him upward. Since he's the same weight as his troops, Waddle Doo won't slow down his soldiers. Moving the analog stick up makes them throw their captain upward. You can tilt to either side as well to angle their throwing. In the air, a pair of Waddle Dees throw him upward, but at the cost of their own lives when over a pit.

Down B - Change Back

Waddle Doo returns back to his original video game self.

Final Smash - Flare Beam

Waddle Doo becomes super and then fires a large ball of energy. Unlike in Return to Dreamland, this version is triple the original size seeing as how Kirby finds this three times in the entire game. You can maneuver it with the analog stick like in Return to Dreamland, and it deals constant damage when dragged over someone. Its maneuverability is similar to Pikachu's Volt Tackle. Unlike it, opponents can't be shifted around, but they can still flinch when the beam makes direct contact. You can press B to disengage a shockwave that covers the whole screen, but doesn't instantly kill anyone hit by it. Each shockwave makes the beam shrink a size, dealing less damage than before. If you disengage 3 shockwaves, the beam is dispelled altogether. It will also dispel after 30 seconds have passed.


KOSFX1: *eject sfx*

KOSFX2: "I don't know!"

Star KOSFX: *beam whip sfx slowed down*

Screen KOSFX: ...


Up: *blinks*

Sd: *readies his gun, then holsters it*

Dn: "Oui, monsieur."

Victory Options+Failure/Clap

1. *does Kirby's victory dance*

2. *collects a Maxim Tomato*

3. "I, Waddle Doo, have repayed your respect towards Waddle Dee in kind."

Failure/Clap: Eye-popper

Standard Attacks


Snake Codec


Character Description


Classic Mode


Role in SSE



Colors & Costumes


Victory Theme

SSBB - Kirby Victory Theme


Explosive Parasol


Whispy Woods


  • The failure/clap for Waddle Doo was inspired by a scrapped death animation for him in Kirby's Block Ball.
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