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Yūko Aioi
Sblg yukko aioi.jpg
Universe Nichijou
Debut Nichijou (2011)
Appears in Smash Bros Lawl EX
Smash Bros. Lawl Galaxy
Friends Hakase
Konata Izumi
Derpy Hooves
Patrick Star
Bully stopper
Tomo Takino
Ranma Saotome (partner in Project X2 Zone)
Enemies Gary Bettman
BND Mask of Guo Xiang
Professor Pester
Carlos Trejo
The Darkness
Lawl Team Team EX
Team Galaxy


Subway Train

Yūko walks out a passing train and onto the battlefield.

Moveset (EX)


Side B

Up B

Down B

Final Smash - Feel the Pain

Inspiration Clip:

Special Attacks (Lawl Galaxy)

Neutral B - Copying Answers

Yūko copies the neutral special of the nearest opponent. Who she's copied is indicated by a window near the player's damage display counter. She can do the move using her supplies (if she copies Old Gregg, she gets out her sketchbook), gets help from her friends (if she copies Hades, Mai arm-wrestles anyone coming in contact), or just by herself (if she copies any ranters, she tells jokes). She of course can't copy anyone who can do the same thing she can. To get rid of a neutral special she's copied, do a taunt.

Side B - Daruma Otoshi

Yūko launches one of the doll's sections using a little mallet. It it a fast projectile to deal with. It can ricochet off the walls. The shot can also be charged up for faster movement and bigger impact. Anyone nearby her who gets hit in the back of the head by the launched section shall grab the section and then hit Yūko in the forehead with it. No matter what occurs, Yūko always gets 100 points.

Up B - Flying Pen

Yūko flies around on a pen like in the end credits to each episode. As the pen rises, it slows down. And as it falls, it speeds up. When you've built up enough speed, you're like a live rocket, deadly to the touch. If you manage to crash onto the ground while on your ball-point joyride, an ink blot marks the landing area. The ink blot is of course a slip trap that lasts for 15 seconds. This recovery can be cancelled by pressing A/B, crashing into someone, losing enough speed, or crashing into walls.

Down B - Chopsticks Counter

Yūko gets out her lunch and attends to eating it as she sits at a table that appears out of nowhere all of a sudden. The lunch heals 13% damage. If anyone hits Yūko while she starts to eat, her lunch is knocked out of her hand. When this happens, she stabs someone using her chopsticks and then runs to it, eating it after she gets it. You have to wait a while before your next lunch break.

Final Smash - My Ordinary Pain

Yūko sits at a desk that just so happened to appear next to her. She then gets out her pen and holds it the wrong way, accidentally hurting herself from the point and taking 1% damage. She then screams so loud that she shoots a laser. It can be controlled like the zero laser. The laser will stun anyone on contact, then make them shoot in the air. She'll keep on screaming her heart out for the next 15 seconds of the match.


KOSFX1: "What?"

KOSFX2: *gasp*

Star KOSFX: *groans in pain*

Screen KOSFX: "Oof!"


Up: *laughs*

Sd: "Selemat pagi."

Dn: "You're supposed to hit me!"

Victory Options+Failure/Clap

1. 100 pts.

2. jumps rope

3. "I've won the lottery!"

Failure/Clap: Pale as a ghost

Standard Attacks


Snake Codec


Character Description

Yūko loves making jokes and other people laugh, but often fails with her jokes or delivery. Yūko is usually undeterred by her failures to crack jokes and is creative with coming up with new jokes or humorous reactions. Yūko loves it when other people laugh at her jokes, but this is far and rare. She tends to be clumsy, and takes a simple-minded approach to life. She is not academically inclined, not diligent with her homework, and tends to fail tests. She sometimes speaks Malaysian by greeting others with a selamat pagi which means good morning in both Malaysian and Indonesian language.

Classic Mode


Role in SSE