Yang Lee
"Let's get this started!"
"Let's get this started!"
Universe Capcom
Debut Street Fighter III
Appears in Elite Warrior Battle Royale
Super Lawl
Friends Yun Lee(Brother/Partner in P7Z)
Enemies TBA
Lawl Team Team Elite
Super Lawl

Special Moves

Neutral B- Tourouzan

Yang perform a forward-stepping open-palm slash. It can be performed three times in a row. Pressing B button to utilize for use all three attacks. All attack will gain more damage and knockback Timing between strikes can be varied in order to thwart an opponent's attempt to counter, such as with counter attack.

Side B- Kaihou

Yang disappears in a blur, and reappears some distance forward. However, a greater distance also means a greater startup and recovery time. The attack itself inflicts no damage of its own and is simply used for the sake of evasion or mobility.

Up B- Senkyutai

Yang rolls forward along the ground, and pushes himself upward with his hands while launching an upward kick, much like the start of Gen's Gekiro attack. If Yang reaches the opponent while rolling, he will automatically kick.

Down B- Zenpou Tenshin

Much like his twin brother, Yun, Yang lunges forward while attempting to grab the opponent and if successful, he grapples the opponent's shoulders and flips over them, landing on the far side. Again, The "attack" does no damage and is used to disorient the opponent; immediately afterward. The different is that while flipping, you can follow up with an attack by pressing A while doing this moves.

Final Smash - Raishin Mahhaken

Yang adopts a snake-style kung fu stance then dashing forward with a hand thrust. If this connects, he will twist his hand and swipe it upwards, knocking the opponent up into the air slightly. The trap opponents will launch the opponents upward with a great deal of damage. Again, like his brother, this only moves in front of a opponents or the FS fail.

Final Smash A(Super Lawl)- Seiei Enbu

Yang briefly pauses to gather his ki in a flash. While the technique is active, blue or red afterimages of Yang follow behind him and echo everything he does split-seconds later.

The echoed attacks of these afterimages cause more stun damage to the opponent, allowing Yang to more easily string attacks together into combos. The technique itself works similarly to a Custom Combo, and can be started in the middle of a combo, allowing Yang to conserve his Super Gauge for when he knows it will surely connect.

Final Smash B(Super Lawl) - Tenshin Senkyutai

Yang follows the Senkyutai with a flurry of upward kicks before finishing with two forward high kicks to the face. The attack is a 16-hit combo if the Senkyutai lands (75%).

Yang follows the Senkyutai with three forward high kicks to the face, similar to his older brother's Nishokyaku.

The attack is useful as an anti-air or as a juggle, since the initial Senkyutai travels forward to where the opponent is.

Character Description

Yang's techniques are Tourou Zan, a slashing move similar to Fei Long's Rekkaken; Senkyuutai, a kick which (depending on the button) can strike immediately or roll towards the opponent before hitting; Byakko Soushouda, a double palmstrike at the opponent; and Kaihou, which is basically a teleport. He does still share Zenpou Tenshin with Yun, a command grab similar to Fei Long's.


  • Yang and Yun both have striking similarities to two characters from the anime Gundam Wing - Duo Maxwell for Yun, who sports a ballcap and wears his hair in a long braid - and Trowa Barton for Yang, an acrobat with incredibly long and jagged bangs.
  • Yang's Senkyuutai attack looks just like Lee's old rising kick attack; in fact, the short version performs the move exactly without Yang's start-up roll.
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